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  1. What is a frequent side effect of Nitroglycerin?
  2. Inotrope-Squeeze, Cardiac Glycoside, Digoxin
    Chronotrope- Speed, Epinephrine, Caffeine, Atropine
    Dromotrope- conduction, Atropine

    PR interval- .12-.20 seconds
    Ejection Fraction-% Normal between 60-80 (Seen on ECG, Echo Cardio Gram)

    Cardiomyopathy, CHF

    • blood squeezed out
    • Total amount blood
  3. Which electrolyte imbalance can cause cardiac dysrythmias with the torsades de pointes?
  4. Which electrolyte imbalance may cause a shortened QT interval?
  5. EKG Rythme Strip

    P waves and QRS are regular and their heart rate is 64, what kind of rythm are they in?
    Normal Sinus Rythm (NSR)
  6. SA Node in Right Atria.

    Which catheter when properly possitioned lies in the central vena cava?
    Central Venous Catheter
  7. What would the best response be to give a pt who asked, Why their MD ordered a stress test?
    A stress test will tell you about how your heart works during exercise
  8. You that potassium is important because?
    It can alter the myocardial muscle function
  9. Most frequent EKG change due to hypokalemia?
    PVC (premature ventricle contraction)
  10. If someone is hypokalemic the nurse knows what electrolyte has to be changed?
  11. If someone had a MI in what period of time would you see a rise in the cardiac enzymes? (CKMB, myoglobin, troponins0.4-0.6, ect)
    4-6 hours
  12. What is the usual insertion site for a Swans gnz catheter?
    Subclavian vein
  13. Nx researchers have determined...can be reliably measured from the HOB....which position would you have your pt in to accurately measure?
    Lying supine, 0-60 degrees
  14. FIB

    There is a difference in pressure between inspiration and expiration during korokoff sounds
    Pulsus Paradoxus
  15. SATA

    Conditions that would cause hypokalemia?
    • GI losses
    • Chronic steroid therapy
    • Diuretic therapy w/ insufficient replacement
  16. A person on coumadin therapy, nx would tell them to restrict?
  17. SATA

    Serum cardiac markers after acute MI?
    • Myoglobin
    • CK-MB
    • Troponins
  18. Which of the following is associated with Right sided heart failure?
    Nocturnal Polyuria
  19. FIB

    What are cord-like structures attached to the Mitral and Tricuspid Valves?
    chordae tendineae
  20. Acute compression of the heart due to pericardial accumulation results in ____________?
    Cardiac Tamponade
  21. The NX is in the ICU, and she is caring for a pt who is recieving hemo-dynamic monotoring, when plannign for this pt care what NX DX would apply to this pt?
    • fluid volume deficit
    • fluid volume excess
    • decreased cardiac ouput
    • ineffective tissue perfussion

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