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  1. Azimuthal Projection
    maintains direction but distorts other properties
  2. Cartogram
    uses proportionality to show a particular variable
  3. Choropleth thematic map
    • shows a pattern of a variable by using colors
    • (map of voting patterns)
  4. Conformal (or orthomorphic) projection
    maintains shape, distorts other properties
  5. cultural ecology
    human-environ interaction
  6. data aggregation
    size of geographic units represented on map
  7. equal-area projection
    maintains area
  8. formal region
    has common physical or cultural feature
  9. friction of distance
    degree to which distance interferes with some interaction
  10. functional region
    is a nodal region
  11. GIS
    computerized mapping using layering
  12. great circles
    the equator and every twin pair of longitude form great circles
  13. isoline thematic map
    map displaying lines that connect points of equal value

    elevation levels
  14. mercator projection
    keeps shape, size (Greenland) very distorted
  15. perceptual region
    is a vernacular region
  16. Gall-peters projection
    controversial for distorting shape
  17. relative directions
    left, right
  18. Robinson projection
    slight distortion to all map properties
  19. Site
    physical and cultural characteristics of a place
  20. Situation
    relative location of a place
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