Ch13-Culture&Ethnicity DRAFT

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  1. The U.S. and Canada are ___ societies.
  2. 5 characteristics of acquired culture:
    • 1) Learned
    • 2) Taught
    • 3) Shared by its members
    • 4) Dynamic and Adaptive
    • 5) Complex
  3. 1. A belief that one's own way of viewing and experiencing the world is superior to other perspectives; a mindset that judges the actions and beliefs of others according to one's own cultural rules.
    2. In health care, a perspective that supports the worldview of the caretaker, rather than considering the patient's perspective of health and illness.
  4. The process of adapting an individual to the social customs of society; in the process he or she becomes an integrated member of the society.
  5. The process by which a member of one culture assumes the values, attitudes, and behavior of a second culture.
  6. In psychology, the absorption of newly perceived information into the existing subjective conscious structure.
  7. A relatively cohesive group of individuals living within a society, who, because of shared traditions, customs, socioeconomic status, or genetic heritage, may be predisposed to particular states of health or illness.
  8. 7 Vulnerable subculture populations:
    • 1) Homeless
    • 2) Poor
    • 3) Mentally ill
    • 4) Ppl with physical diasbilities
    • 5) Young
    • 6) Elderly
    • 7) Some ethnic and racial minority groups
  9. The grouping of people based on biological similarities (skin color, blood type, bone structure)
  10. An ordered system of beliefs regarding the cause, nature and purpose of the universe especially the beliefs related to the worship of God or gods (tells a person what to believe)
  11. Values, beliefs, and practices that people from all cultures share
    Culture UNIVERSALS
  12. Values, beliefs, and practices that are special or unique to a culture
    Culture SPECIFICS
  13. An ideal or perfect anatomical type; used as a theoretical standard in judging other individuals; Something recurrent based on facts:
  14. A simplified idea of a person or a concept, often one that is prejudicial to others or lacking in finesse; Widely held but oversimplified beliefs that have no basis in fact
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