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  1. Acts 27

    Q: How was Paul wrong in his advice?
    A: No lives were lost – God spared everyone
  2. acts 27
    Q: How does Luke emphasize the desperateness of their plight in vs. 15-20?
    A: Describes the storm, no control of the ship, couldn’t see for many days, threw cargo and tackle overboard, gave up hope.
  3. Acts 28
    Q: Why did Paul tell the Jews the Romans did not release him?
    A: Because the Jews were against it; because Paul appealed to Caesar; for the hope of Israel.
  4. act 28
    Q: What were the points in Paul’s talk in vs. 17-20?
    A: Re-affirm his innocence from any wrong doing and explain why he was a prisoner.
  5. 28. what is the significance of Isaiah 6?
    the jews refused to believe Gods word
  6. 28
    Q: What was Paul’s last word to the Jews?
    A: That the Jews had been given the 1st chance, but had denied it so salvation had been given to the Gentiles and they would receive it.
  7. 28
    Q: What is the climax of Acts?
    A: The book shows Paul’s journey to get to Rome and climaxes w/ the carrying out of God’s plan to spread the Gospel to the Gentiles in Rome.
  8. 19 who were the asiarchs? why were they significant in terms of what luke is saying?
    counsil that represent rome; friends of paul
  9. 19 describe the significance of the temple of artemis
    great wonderful 3-4 times bigger than solomen, most in ephisus
  10. Acts 19
    Q: What was the real motivation of Demetrius? What did he say was the problem?
    A: Greed was his motivation. If the people believed Paul, they would stop buying the idols Dem. Made
  11. A: Greed was his motivation. If the people believed Paul, they would stop buying the idols Dem. Made
  12. Q:Describe the significance of the temple of Artemis.
    A:Great wonderful 3-4 times bigger than solomen, most in ephisus
  13. Chapter 19
    What does 19:21 say in introducing the rest of Acts?
    That he will go to Rome.
  14. 19 where was Paul when he wrote each of the Corinthian Letters?
    1st ephisus and 2nd macedonia
  15. 19. what is the key idea of the third tour?
    To end at Rome
  16. 19 how did the town clerk still the riot?
    By saying that they didn’t have any reason to riot b/c no templer robbers or blasphemers of their goddenss was in there presents.
  17. Chapter 20
    What did paul do in vss 1-6?
    He was commission by the savior to take the message of his resurrection. Paul and his team make 3 missionary journey.
  18. 20 When did luke join them company?
  19. 20 when and where was romans written? why?
    from corinth in early 50's; prepare pauls visit to Rome
  20. 20 Why did Paul stay 7 days inTroas?
    To have the Lords Supper
  21. 20 Why are we told the story of Eutychus?
  22. 20 Why did we speak of a travel diary?
    because part of text describes place to place
  23. 20 Why did paul bypass Ephesus?
    He wanted to be in Jerusalem by the day of Pentecost.
  24. 20 What was pauls main purpose in addressing the ephesian elders.
    To alert them of the bad what was coming , & to watch over their flock, and self.
  25. 20 What did the spirit reveal to paul on his trip to Jerusalem?
    That there will be imprisonment and persecuation waiting for you.
  26. 20 What words of jesus are not found in the gospels?
    it is more blessed to give than receive
  27. 20 Describe the parting from ephesian elders
    Sad crying knowing the wouldn’t see him again.
  28. 20 what are pauls "passion sayings"
    statements about what will happen to him in Jerusalem
  29. Chapter 24
    characterize the high priest ananias.
    bad- the worst ever maybe
  30. 24 who was tertullus?
    He was a orator.
  31. 24 what charges did he make against paul?
    with being the ringleader of the sect of Nazarenes, profane the temple and creator of dissension of the Jews.
  32. 24 when vs 8 says "by examining him" who is him, both according to the text and to the footnote
    • text- paul
    • footnote- lysias
  33. 24 in pauls speech to felix what did he say he had not done in Jerusalem.
    Didn’t dispute with in the temple, didn’t incite the crowd in the church or city.
  34. 24 why did he tell felix he had come to Jerusalem?
    To worship.
  35. 24 what did paul preach to felix in vs 24f? what was the reaction?
    to have faith in Christ, reasoned with him about righteousness & self-control and the judgment to come. His reaction was afraid.
  36. 24 what did paul say to felix about his jewishness and his conscience?
    worship the god of his father, have a clear consciences towards God.
  37. 24 what point did paul make about "some jews from asia"?
    if they had anything against him they should have been there.
  38. 24 when did felix say he would decide pauls case? what came of this?
    when Lysias the commander comes down. Nothing came of this.
  39. 24 what is the background of drusilla?
    daughter of Herod, 3rd wife of felix, used magician 2 persuade him to marry him and leave husband
  40. 24 give 3 reasons felix kept paul in custody?
    hope for money for Paul release, to talk with him and do the Jews a favor.
  41. chapter 25
    what request did the jews make of festus?
    that he would summon him (paul) to Jerulsam
  42. 25 what 3 charges did paul deny before festus when the jews came to accuse him
    offending the law of the jews, the temple and Caesar.
  43. 25 to what trubunal did paul appeal, and why?
    caesars judgement seat because he wasnt getting anywhere
  44. paul said he would not escape death if what?
    if he was a offender or commit anything deserved of death.
  45. 25 what did festus tell agrippa he was at a loss to investigate?
    questions about the jews religion and Jesus
  46. 25 what was festus attitude to pauls guilt?
    that he had done nothing to deserve death
  47. 25 describe the relation of agrippa and bernice?
    brother sister; maybe living together sexualy
  48. 25 how did festus introduce paul to the crowd?
    why he was there, that he was found nothing to deserve death and nothing to write Caesar.
  49. chapter26
    how does paul refer to "hope" in vs 6f?
    hope is the reason he was accused by the jews
  50. 26 what new things do we learn about paul as a persecutor in vs 10?
    try to make christians blasphemy
  51. 26 what is the meaning of the reference to "goads"?
    resist just hurting himself
  52. what did jesus tell paul he would give the gentiles (remembering pauls gentile audience)?
    forgiviness of sin and inheritance.
  53. 26 what did paul say was the real cause of the persecution (v 20)?
    he declared that they should repent, turn toGod and do works befitting repents.
  54. what did paul say the prophets said would come to pass?
    Christ would suffer, rise from the dead and proclaim light do the Jews and Gentiles.
  55. 26 what was the response of festus to this speech?
    he thought he was mad(crazy)
  56. 26 what would be the consequences if agrippa believed the prophets?
    become a christian
  57. 26 what are the interpretations of Agrippa's answer to Paul?
    • 1. scornful
    • 2. touched but shrugs off
    • 3. truly moved
  58. 26 what was agrippas comment after dinner?
    That paul might have been set free if he hadn’t appealed to casear.
  59. chapter27

    what is the theology of this chpt?
    God will get Paul to Rome regardless
  60. 27 which christians accompanied paul on shipboard?
    Luke, Julius and Aristraches
  61. 27 why change ships?
    bigger ships could cross open water; smaller ship was going to a different place
  62. 27 why did paul think going on was dangerous?
    if they went fourth they would lose cargo, ship and lives.
  63. how was paul wrong in his advice?
  64. 27 why did the others want to go on?
    b/c the harbor was not suitable for winter.
  65. 27 list the hazards in this and the next chpt.
    storm, lost lifeboat, want to kill prisoners, had to swim to shore, vipor
  66. 27 what were the visions of paul throughout his career?
    jesus on demascus road, ananius coming, god telling him to leave, macedonian, no one will harm you, ship saved
  67. 27 what was the content of pauls speech after his vision?
    he was giving them hope, b/c God told them everyone would make it.
  68. 27 why were the anchors lowered from the stern, rather than form the bow?
    protect from the wind
  69. 27 why do we have the reference to the # in v37?
    to show they all got safely to shore
  70. 27 when the ship was stuck what did the soldiers wish to do? why?
    they wanted to kill the prisoners bc they may escape
  71. 27 why was the safe escape of everyone so remarkable?
    just was
  72. Chapter 28
    what was the native opinion when paul was bitten?
    That he was a murderer, it was his punishment. Protection from dieing.
  73. 28 how does this show two views of divine action?
    Protection from dieing.
  74. 28 what was the further response of the people on Malta?
    Honor them and provided things that were necessary.
  75. 28 what events cheered paul on the final stages of his trip to rome?
    when his brethrens had came.
  76. 21 what attempts were made to persuade paul not to go to Jerusalem
    the disciples, through the spirit, urged him not to go. Agabus, a prophet, warned that the jews in jerusalem would bind paul and hand him over to the gentiles. the people urged him not to go
  77. 21 why does acts say paul was determined to go
    I am ready not only to be bound, but also to in Jerusalem for the name of the lord Jesus
  78. 21 how does acts parallel jesus determination to go to jerusalem
    danger awaits still wants to go
  79. 21 what problem did james propose to paul? what solution did he suggest?
    the Jews have heard that Paul teaches the Jews who live among the gentiles to turn from the law of moses and not circumcise their children. solution- take men, join in their purification rites and pay their expenses so they can have shaved heads and people will know the reports of you are false
  80. 21 who was manson and how might he have helped luke
    early disciple and may have been lukes source of information on early days of church
  81. 21 what lie was told about paul that caused the riot
    teaches all men everywhere against Jews, the law, and this place. he brought Greeks into the temple area and defiled this holy place
  82. 21 why was paul arrested
    mob tries to kill him
  83. 21 how could the soldiers get down to paul so quickly
    headquarters is right next to the court yard
  84. 21 who was the egyptian
    told walls of jerusalem would fall; he fled
  85. 22 what are the jewish touches in the sermon in this chpt
  86. 22 with what word in pauls speech did the crowd erupt again
    go; i will send you far away to the gentiles
  87. 22 how could you obtain roman citizenship
    birth in free city, inheritance, award from marriet
  88. 22 what are 2 major themes in pauls speeches in the rest of acts
    good conscience, his hope jewish hope
  89. 23 why was paul taken b4 the sanhedrin
    find out what was wrong
  90. 23 how does the episode b4 the council show paul has more respect for the law then the high priest
    paul is truly sorry when he realizes he violated the law
  91. 23 what was pauls opening statement b4 the council
    my brothers, i have fulfilled my duty to god in all good conscience to this day
  92. 23 why did the high priest order paul to be struck
    paul said ive lived in all good consciunses to this day
  93. 23 what was the verdict of the council
    we find nothing wrong with this man
  94. 23 what was the content of the vision in vs 11
    take courage! as you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome
  95. 23 what did the 40 ask the sanhedrin to do
    bring him before you on the pretext of wanting more accurate information about his case. we are ready to kill him before he gets here
  96. 23 how was thier plot foiled
  97. the son of Paul's sister heard of the plot and went and told Paul
  98. 23 what was the size of the protection for paul
    200 soldiers, 70 horsemen, and 200 spearman
  99. 23 what was the misrepresentation in the letter from claudius lysias
  100. 23 in what locales could a person be tried
    home, place of crime, or place of arrest
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