Communication Studies Final pt 3

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  1. Crick points out that the power of emotional appeals
    is in the showing, not simply the telling. What does that mean?
    Emotions can not be called forth by simply telling, only by invoking rich descriptions.
  2. What forms of supporting materials would be especially useful in evoking emotions?
  3. What is the ethical relationship between logos and pathos?
    It is the ethical function of rhetoric to try to direct emotions towards the significant (logos) and away from the trival in order to attain greater harmony
  4. Are exaggeration and amplification always necessarily a negative when used with an audience?
    No, it is ok when using it to engage the audience about an issue that it may have otherwise thought unimportant.
  5. Review Crick’s useful model of 4 general categories of
    pathos related to attracting to or repelling audiences from events
    • utopia
    • wasteland
    • actions
    • people
    • objects
  6. utopia is...
    vision of perfect event; most effective is dire situations vs. wasteland horrific event that repels audiences from event or way of life)
  7. actions is related toa ttracting or repelling audiences by
    virtue praising a certain habit as beneficial vs vice condemning a certain habit as detrimental
  8. people,is related toa ttracting or repelling audiences by
    (saint praising and individual vs. sinner condemning

    an individual as one that all should avoid)
  9. objects realted to attracting or repelling audiences by
    (idol praising an object as being worthy of respect

    and use vs. abomination condemning some object as meriting rejection

    or destruction).
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