English vocab 19-21

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  1. pseudonmy
    A false name used by an auther; a pen name
  2. condescend
    To do something one feels is beneath oneself
  3. Blase
    unexcited or bored about something already experienced repeatedly
  4. facede
    The front of the builiding
  5. redundant
    Wordly or needlessly repetitive
  6. benign
    kindly; gentle
  7. libel
    The publishing or false information that harms a person's reputation
  8. haughty
    Proud or one's apperaence or accomplishments to the point of looking down on others arrogant
  9. Comprise
    To consist of; include
  10. Glib
    characterized by a smooth, easy manner of speaking that often suggests insincerity or thoughtlessness
  11. endow
    To provide with a talent or quality
  12. disdain
    an attitude or feeling of contempt; scorn
  13. explusion
    the act or condition of being forced to leave
  14. ominous
    threatening harm or evil; menacing
  15. divulge
    to reveal; make known
  16. averse
    having a feeling of dislike or distaste for something
  17. mortify
    to humiliate or embarrass
  18. detract
    to lessen what is admirable or worth while about something
  19. elation
    a feeling of great joy or pride
  20. nullify
    to make legally ineffective; cancel
  21. improvise
    to compose, perform, or provide without prepatation; invent
  22. credible
  23. interim
    the period of the time in bewtween; meantime
  24. designate
    to name to an office or duty; appoint
  25. simulate
    to act or look like; imiate
  26. secular
    not directly related to regligion; not spiritual; worldly
  27. cursory
    done quickly and without attention to detail
  28. shun
    to keep away from; avoid consistently
  29. latent
    present but hidden or inactive
  30. deviate
    to turn aside or stray, as from a path, direction, or standard.
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