MEXICO vocab

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  1. Camarilla
    In Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, a politician's personal following in a patron-client relationship.
  2. Confederation of Mexican Workers
    The official trade union affiliated with the PRI.
  3. Debt crisis
    The massive accumulation of loans taken out by third world countries and owed to northern banks and governments from the 1970s onward.
  4. Debt trap
    The inability of third world countries to pay back their loans to northern creditors.
  5. Federal Election Commission
    The old (and corrupt) body that supervised elections in Mexico.
  6. Federal Electoral Institute
    Created before the 1997 election to provide more honest management of elections in Mexico than its predecessor, the Federal Election Commission.
  7. Vicente Fox
    First non-PRI president of Mexico, elected in 2000.
  8. Guerrero
    A poor province (though it includes Acapulco) in which rebels are fighting the Mexican government.
  9. Immigration Reform and Control Act
    U.S. law, passed in 1986, that limits the rights of immigrants, especially those from Mexico.
  10. Import substitution
    Development strategy that uses tariffs and other barriers to imports, and therefore stimulates domestic industries.
  11. Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)
    The party that governed Mexico from 1927 to 2000.
  12. Mestizo
    Term used to describe Mexicans of mixed racial origin.
  13. NAFTA
    North American Free Trade Agreement, linking Mexico, Canada, and the United States.
  14. National Action Party (PAN)
    The leading right-of-center opposition party in Mexico.
  15. Newly industrializing countries
    The handful of countries such as South Korea that have developed a strong industrial base and grown faster than most of the third world.
  16. Nonreelection
    Principle in Mexican political life that bars politicians from holding office for two consecutive terms.\
  17. PAN
    • National Action Party, the leading right-of-center opposition party in Mexico.
    • Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) The leading left-of-center opposition party in Mexico.
  18. Patron-client relations
    Neofeudal relations in which "patrons" gain the support of "clients" through the mutual exchange of benefits and obligations.
  19. Pendulum effect
    The notion that policies can shift from left to right as the balance of partisan power changes. In Mexico, reflects the fact that the PRI can move from one side to another on its own as circumstances warrant.
  20. PRD
    Party of the Democratic Revolution, Mexico's main leftof- center opposition party.
  21. Sexeno
    The six-year term of a Mexican president.
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