Nigeria Vocab

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  1. Democratization
    The process of developing democratic states.
  2. Dual Mandate
    In Nigeria and elsewhere, the notion that colonial powers had to rule on their own and through local leaders at the same time.
  3. Federalism
    Constitutional practice in which subnational units are granted considerable power.
  4. Igbo
    The leading ethnic group in south-eastern Nigeria. Often also spelled Ibo.
  5. Import substitution
    Development strategy that uses tariffs and other barriers to imports, and therefore stimulates domestic industries.
  6. Indirect rule
    British and other colonial procedures through which �natives� were used to carry out colonial rule.
  7. International Monetary Fund
    International agency that provides loans and other forms of assistance to countries with economic problems.
  8. Patron-client relations
    Neofeudal relations in which �patrons� gain the support of �clients� through the mutual exchange of benefits and obligations.
  9. PDP
    People�s Democratic Party; President Obasanjo�s party in Nigeria.
  10. Politics
    The process through which a community, state, or organization organizes and governs itself.
  11. Structural adjustment
    • Development strategy that stresses integration into global markets, privatization, and so on. Supported by the World Bank, IMF, and other major northern financial institutions.
    • UMBC United Middle Belt Congress; a powerful force during the Nigerian second republic.
  12. World Bank
    A major international lending agency for development projects based in Washington.
  13. Yoruba
    The leading ethnic group in southwestern Nigeria.
  14. Zero-sum game
    Political outcome in which one side wins and the other loses.
  15. Hausa-Fulani
    The leading Muslim group in northern Nigeria.
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