Review Modules

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  1. How many steps are in the planned emergency landing?
  2. If time does not permit completion of all nine steps, what must be covered?
    • SEBS
    • Seatbelt Drill
    • Exit Locations
    • Brace positions
    • Secure Cabine - Lock LAVS
  3. What does ABP stand for?
    Able Bodied Person
  4. Where should the ABP's be seated for the L1 Door?
    1A, 1C & 2C
  5. Where should the ABP's be seated for the R1 Door?
    1D, 1F & 2D
  6. Where should the ABP's be seated for the L2/R2 Doors?
    • 31 A, B & C
    • 31 D, 31 F & 30 D
  7. Where should the ABP's be seated for the T/C Exit?
    31 C, 31 D & 30 C
  8. How many ABP's are there per exit?
  9. Any time an In-flight Incidnet occurs, the VP of In flight should be notified by filling out a Cabin Crew Safety Report within 24 hours. T or F
  10. How do we prepare everyday for an emergency?
    • Briefings
    • Silent Review
    • Pre-Flight Duties
    • Demos
    • Brace Positions
    • Use of FAM
  11. What are the 3 types of emergencies?
    • Planned
    • Unplanned
    • Unwarrented (passenger inniated)
  12. What does TEST stand for?
    • T - Type of emergency, special instructions?
    • E - Evacuation - will t be necessary?
    • S - Signals for brace, evacuation, or remain seated
    • T - Time available to prepare
  13. How are we notified by the F/D of an emergency?
    6 chimes or a PA Announcement
  14. Where would I find the 9 Steps in my FAM?
    Green Cards
  15. Where are the F/A positions for safety demos?
    • L1 - PA
    • R1 - Rows 1 & 10
    • L2 - just FWD of the OWE's
    • R2 - as directed by L1
  16. What things will influence the customer brace positions?
    Where they are seated and what they are physically able to do
  17. What is the Primary Brace Position?
    • Feet firmly on the floor sholder width apart
    • Seatbelts fastened low and tight
    • Cross arms at wrists
    • Grasp seat back in front of you
    • Lean slightly forward
    • Tuck chin to chest
  18. What is the Secondary Brace position?
    • Feet firmly on the floor sholder width apart
    • Seatbelts fastened low and tight
    • Bend all the way over
    • Wrap arms under knees and grasp wrists/hands
    • Tuck chin to chest
  19. Name some passengers that may need a floor level exit only?
  20. What is the L1 F/A's secondary ABP briefing responsibility?
  21. What should be included in your Silent Review?
    • ELS
    • Emergency Equiptment in your area
    • Exit locations
    • Evacuation Commands
    • Specials
    • Proper J/S position
  22. What command will the CAPT give to Evacuate?
    Evacuate! Evacuate!
  23. When you recieve the signal "Brace! Brace!" from the CAPT, what commands will you begin shouting?
    "Bend Over! Heads Down! Stay Down!"
  24. What information will the CAPT give you before the Evacuate command?
    Usable exits
  25. What items should you take with you during an evacuation, time permitting?
    • FAK
    • EMK
    • AED
    • MEG
    • Flashlight
    • ELT
  26. After the evacuation, you should lead the customers away from the crash site. T or F
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