SAT Vocab #26-27

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  1. acme
    (n) top or highest point
  2. archaic
    (adj) antiquated; belonging to an earlier or more primitive type; obsolete
  3. cavil
    (v) to make frivolous objections; to find fault
  4. decimate
    (v) to destroy a large part of
  5. eschew
    (v) to keep from or shun something wrong or distasteful
  6. gregarious
    (adj) tending to move in a group or herd; enjoying the company of others; sociable
  7. impute
    (v) to ascribe a crime to another; to attribute to a source
  8. intrepid
    (adj) fearless; bold; not trembling with fear
  9. libidinous
    (adj) characterized by lustful desires; lewdness
  10. melange
    (n) a mixture of dissimilar elements
  11. mellifluous
    (adj) smooth and sweet like honey
  12. novitiate
    (n) a beginner; period of time spent by one about to enter religious orders
  13. nuance
    (n) a shade of difference; a delicate gradation
  14. puerile
    (adj) childish; foolish; unthinking
  15. summary
    (adj) all inclusive; concise; done without delay
  16. avarice
    (n) greed; covetousness
  17. badinage
    (n) light, playful banter; flippant repartee; joking around
  18. calumny
    (n) slander; false accusation of a crime
  19. desultory
    (adj) aimless; jumping from one subject to another; random
  20. ebullience
    (n) overflowing; boiling up or over; exhilaration of spirits
  21. halcyon
    (adj) calm and peaceful
  22. idiosyncrasy
    (n) a peculiarity; an eccentricity
  23. irascible
    (adj) easily angered; cranky
  24. jingoism
    (n) an extreme patriot; chauvinist
  25. Machiavellian
    (adj) of or pertaining to the principles of state craft attributed to Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527), author of The Prince; namely that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing political power
  26. pallid
    (adj) pale
  27. patent
    (adj) obvious, plain
  28. recondite
    (adj) hidden; concealed; difficult to comprehend
  29. stolid
    (adj) dull; not easily excited; impassive
  30. tacit
    (adj) unspoken; silent; implied or indicated but not actually expressed
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