American Letters Vocab

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  1. banter
    an exchange of light, playful remarks
  2. didactic
    intended for instruction
  3. kinsman
    a blood relative, especially male
  4. sepulchre
    a tomb or grave
  5. egalitarian
    characterized by the belief in the equality of all people
  6. commensurate
    having the same measure, of equal extent
  7. engrosses
    occupies completely
  8. unrequited
    not avenged, not repaid
  9. daguerreotype
    a picture on silver developed by exposure to mercury vapor
  10. akimbo
    with hand on hip and elbow bent outward
  11. en masse
    in a mass, all together
  12. abeyance
    temporary inactivity, cessation
  13. suffice
    to be enough for needs, purposes
  14. distillation
    the evaporation of a liquid
  15. culminate
    to reach the highest point
  16. phrenology
    • a psychological theory based on the belief that certain mental faculties/ character traits are
    • indicated by configurations of the skull
  17. rumination
  18. exuberant
    abounding in vitality
  19. querying
  20. capitulate
    to surrender unconditionally
  21. fascicles
    a section of a book being published in installments as separate pamphlets/volumes
  22. sagacity
    shrudeness, keen perception
  23. garrulous
    excessively talkative
  24. conjecture
    formation of an opinion without proof
  25. cavort
    to prance
  26. dilatory
    tending to delay or procrastinate
  27. hermitage
    any secluded place of residence
  28. demure
    characterized by shyness, reserved
  29. banality
    devoid of originality
  30. scorn
    open or unqualified contempt, disdain
  31. assail
    to attack vigorously or violently
  32. vagrant
    a person who wonders about idly and has no permanent home/employment
  33. acquiescent
    disposed to comply silently and without protest
  34. convivial
    friendly, agreeable
  35. quaver
    to shake tremulously
  36. hortatory
    urging to some course of action, exhorting
  37. sardonic
    characterized by bitter or scornful derision, cynical
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