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  1. what is the purpose of a wheelchair?
    mobility orthosis
  2. goals for wheelchair prescriptions
    • postural support
    • mobility base
  3. functions of seating system
    • normalize tone
    • decrease pathological reflex activity
    • improve postural symmetry
    • enhance ROM
    • maintain or improve skin condition
    • increase comfort and sitting tolerance
    • decrease fatigue
    • improve function of ANS
  4. questions to be asked when prescribing a wheelchair
    • who?
    • what functional level?
    • where will it be used?
    • how much adjustability?
    • ability of patient or family to use and care for wheelchair
  5. impairments for being in wheelchair
    • mobility
    • access to environment
    • daily goals
    • posture
    • ROM
    • skin
    • comfort
    • sitting tolerance
    • endurance
    • function of autonomic system
  6. what are general goals for wheelchair prescription?
    improve function
  7. what are dangers of ordering a too big wheelchair
    • cant fit thru doors
    • cant reach wheels for propulsion
    • overuse injuries
    • allows hip to slide
  8. what are dangers of ordering too narrow wheelchair
    • patient gains weight and cant fit in chair
    • rubbing leads to skin breakdown
  9. you have a patient that lives alone in retirement community , his days consist of traveling on a flat sidewalk to dinner visity family/friends bingo

    would you prescribe a standard or lightweight chair?

    folding or rigid?

    lightweight, and folding

    why? patient is active so you want a light weight chair
  10. spoked wheels are ______lighter/heavier than mag wheels but require more/less _______
    spoked wheels are lighter

    spoked wheels require more maintenance
  11. what are polyurethane wheels good for?
    good for flat surface and are much less work to maintain
  12. polyurethane caster wheels offer benefits of?

    durability/less maintenance

    easier pivoting
  13. pneumatic casters offer benefits of...?
    • cushioned ride
    • good on rugged/soft terrain
  14. other accessories you can put on wheelchairs?
    • pelvic strap
    • anti-tippers
    • amputee board
    • arm rests
  15. what are characteristics of cushions?
    • skin protection
    • adjustable skin protection
    • positioning
  16. POC wheelchair prescription
    • funding
    • documentation
    • order
    • fit to patient and adjust
    • training, education, safety
    • follow up
  17. key points of wheelchair prescription
    properly fitted wheelchair effects function of patient

    team approach
  18. optimum pushing position relies on 4 main adjustments
    backrest angle

    axle position

    seat height

    seat positioning
  19. what all should be included in wheelchair training?
    • proper use
    • transfers
    • falling out
    • curbs. ramps etc
    • maintenance
    • assembling
    • body mechanics
    • weight shifts
  20. how often do you need to do weight shifts in a wheelchair?
    every 15 mins!
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