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  1. State the grape that Spätburgunder is synonym for
    Pinot Noir
  2. State the grape that Weissburgunder is synonym for
    Pinot Blanc
  3. State the grape that Grauburgunder is synonym for
    Pinot Gris
  4. Define Muller-Thurgau
    A cross between Riesling and Chasselas
  5. Define Liebfraumilch & state where it is commonly found
    Cheap blended white wine mostly from the Rheinhessen and Pfalz but also Rheingau/Nahe
  6. Define Bocksbeutel & state where it is commonly found
    A squat bottle unique to Franken/Franconia (Goat’s scrotum)
  7. Define edelfaule
    Botrytis, in Beerenasslese and Trockenbeerenasslesse
  8. Name any 1 anbaugebiete that is important for red wines
    Ahr, Baden, Assmanhausen
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