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  1. Name 2 white grapes & 2 red grapes of Austria
    • Red: Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent
    • White: Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Name 2 major regions & 2 sub-regions of Austria
    • Niederosterreich, Burgenland;
    • Wachau, Kamptal, Kremstal
  3. Define Ausbruch & Strohwein
    • Ausbruch – botrytis dessert wine
    • Strohwein – grapes dried on straw mats
  4. Name a Hungarian red wine:
  5. Name 3 grapes of Tokaji
    Furmint, Harslevlu, Muskatoly
  6. Define puttonyos and Gonc
    • Gonc = small barrel used in Tokaji production (136L)
    • Puttonyos = 30L bucket used in Tokaji production that determines sweetness in the final wine (3-6 typically)
  7. Define Eszencia, Aszu Eszencia & True Eszencia
    • Eszencia = Free run botrytis juice before making a Aszu paste (the essence)
    • Aszu Eszencia = A wine made equivalent to 8 puttonyos
    • True Eszencia = Free run botrytis juice fermented all by itself, rare and expensive, may take 10 years
  8. Name 2 important red AO, their grapes & state in Greece
    • Naoussa (Macedonia, grape=Xynomavro)
    • Nemea (Pelopponese, grape = Agiorgitiko) (aye-or-ti-ko)
  9. Name 1 important white AO, its grapes & state in Greece
    Santorini AO (Aegean), whites from Assyrtiko

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