intro bioethics

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  1. Ethics
    System or theory of moral values or principles which govern the conduct of an individual or group; philosophy, morality
  2. What is (are) ethics?
    • A branch of philosophy; seeks to address questions about morality
    • How moral values should be determined
    • How a moral outcome can be achieved in specific situations
    • What moral values people actually abide by
  3. Meta-Ethics
    • How we tell good from bad
    • What does 'right' even mean?
  4. Normative ethics
    • What should we do?
    • How we ought to act, morally speaking
  5. Applied ethics
    Attempts to use philosophical methods to ID the morally correct course of action in various fields of human life
  6. Descriptive ethics
    • Study of people's beliefs about morality
    • What do people think is right?
  7. Rights
    A right is a privilege to which one is entitled
  8. Legal rights
    Established under strict rules of a legal system; Federal, state, township, etc.
  9. Moral rights
    • Rights that aren't contingent upon any law
    • Rights we are born to/with
  10. Obligation
    Promise, duty, responsibility
  11. Egalitarian
    Humans have rights and animals don't, but as their caretakers we have to care for them humanely
  12. Utilitarian
    Quality of life
  13. Reganism
    Animals and humans have equal rights
  14. Speciesism
    Species are ranked from most intelligent to least intelligent. Humans are at the top
  15. Moderation
    Some animal use is OK, as long as there is a benefit for someone or something somewhere down the line
  16. Moderation based on 3 things:
    • The 3 R's: Replace, Reduce, Refine
    • Animal use guidelines: AWA, "the Guide," etc.
    • Laws and regulations: Different from state to state. We have to abide by them
  17. Veterinary schools vs. Non-Veterinary schools
    Vet schools are only more advanced than undergraduate programs because they have more species to work with
  18. 2 reasons research is an easier target:
    • Everybody will see it; will get more attention
    • It's safe; the animals you're dealing with are fairly harmless (mice, rats, dogs, etc.)
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