Vocab 19

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  1. adverse
    • 1. Working against, opposing
    • The city council received adverse criticism when they wanted to shut down the park
    • 2. Harmful, unfavorable
    • He had an adverse reaction to the drugs
  2. aloof
    • Remote or distant, usually by choice. Showing no interest
    • Kitty is aloof when company comes over
  3. alternative
    • 1. A choice between 2 or more things
    • The alternatives are chicken or steak for dinner
    • 2. Any one of the things that can be chosen
  4. canine
    • Relating to dog
    • Kitty is not from the canine family, she is a feline
  5. compulsory
    • Required by law or firm rule
    • 6th grade is compulsory before you move to 7th
  6. consecutive
    • Following one after another, in a row
    • I missed school for 4 consecutive days when I was sick.
  7. desolate
    • 1. Deserted, lonely, without signs of life.
    • Bin Laden was not hiding in a cave in a desolate area.
    • 2. Filled with sorrow, sad
    • Jason is desolate every time kitty gets out.
  8. dispatch
    • 1. To send on specific business
    • Daddy was dispatched to Denver to check on his building.
    • 2. To finish or complete promptly
    • Lauren dispatched all the oysters on her plate in Mexico.
    • 3. To kill quickly
    • The creature in Kraig's pool was dispatched upon hitting the icy water.
    • 4. A written message sent quickly
    • He delivered the dispatches in person.
  9. distinction
    • 1. the way that things differ
    • The distinction between a horse and a zebra is that the zebra has stripes
    • 2. Special honor
    • Obama had the distinction of becoming the first black president
    • 3. Excellence of performance or ability
    • Lauren won the meet with distinction.
  10. endure
    • 1. To put up with
    • We have to endure Jason's bouncy ball all night
    • 2. To go on for a long time
    • Can we endure the 8 hour lecture? Do you have enough endurance to run the marathon?
  11. fluctuate
    • To rise and fall; to keep changing
    • The temeperature flucuates between 50 - 80 in the spring.
  12. grueling
    • Tiring, exhausting
    • Making these flashcards is grueling.
  13. maul
    • To handle roughly
    • Jason was mauled by Bently
  14. participate
    • To take part in
    • Are you going to participate in the swim meet?
  15. robust
    • Strong and vigorous
    • Perseus was a robust warrior.
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