MSA2 Mastication

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  1. Temporalis
    • Origin: Temporal fossa and fascia
    • Insertion: Coronoid process of the mandible and anterior edge of ramus
    • Actions: elevates and retracts mandible
    • NR
    • S (primarily)
    • Palpate east to west
    • Confirmation: Bite down
  2. Masseter
    • Origin: Zygomatic arch
    • Insertion: Angle and ramus of mandible
    • Actions: Elevates mandible; may assist to protract mandible
    • NR
    • B- deep to itself
    • Palpate east to west
    • Confirmation: clench teeth
  3. Medial Pterygoid
    • Not palpable
    • Origin: Medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid bone and tuberosity of maxilla
    • Insertion: Inner surface of ramus of the mandible
    • Actions: Elevates and protracts mandible; moves mandible side to side
    • NR
    • D
  4. Lateral Pterygoid
    • Not palpable
    • Origin: Sphenoid bone
    • Insertion: Articular disc and capsule of TMJ, neck of mandible
    • Actions: Protracts mandible and moves mandible side to side
    • NR
    • D
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