History - Russia (depth study)

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  1. When was Tsar Nicholas II crowned king?
  2. What did the people often call the Tsar?
    the little father of Russia
  3. What was the unique thing (nationwise) about Russia?
    It consisted of over 20 different nationalities
  4. What status was most of the Russian population?
    80% were peasants who lived in communes.
  5. Explain Russian farming: (3)
    • Was extremely backward, with no machinery or modern techniques.
    • Yields were low
    • Land was divided into large fields, where each family would be allocated a strip of land by the Mir.
  6. What were living and education standards like for farmers?
    • Famine was common.
    • Had only very basic education, most were illiterate.
  7. Did the peasants support the Tsar? Why/why not?
    • Yes mostly. Because they had been indoctrinated at a young age. Schools were associated with churchs, of whom believed the Tsar was chosen by god to rule.
    • Some however did not support, they were the social revolutionaries.
  8. Were peasants happy under Tsarist ruling?
    • In general yes, as they had not been exposed to anything else.
    • Social revolutionaries disliked, they resented amount of land owned by aristocrats.
  9. How did the lives of the peasants and the aristocracy compare? (jobs, lifestyle)
    Vast differences. Aristocracy owned huge amounts of land and lived very lavishly.
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