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  1. Debussy
    French, impressionism, Prelude to the afternoon Faun
  2. Stravinsky
    Russian, Primitivism, The rite of Spring.
  3. Joplin
    American, Ragtime, Maple Leaf Rag
  4. Armstrong
    American, New Orleans Jazz, When the Saints Go marchin In
  5. Parker
    American, Bebop, hot House.
  6. Schoenberg
    Austrian, Expressionism, MoonFleck
  7. Copland
    American, Nationalism, Fanfare for the common man
  8. Gershwin
    American, Crossover, Rhapsody in Blue
  9. Bernstein
    American, Musical, America WSS
  10. Presley
    American, Rock and Roll, Dont be Cruel
  11. the beatles
    English, British Invasion, Sgt Pepper's lonely heart club band
  12. Williams
    American, Film Music, Star Wars
  13. Cage
    American, Avant-Garde, Sonata 5
  14. Glass
    American, minimalism, Company
  15. Hendricks
    American, Psychedelic rock, Star Spangled Banner.
  16. a late 19th century artistic movement that sought to capture the visual impression rather than the literal reality of a subject.
  17. in music the use of frenzied irregular rhythms and percussion effects to evoke a feeling of primitive power
  18. Field holler and work songs, Singers accompanied with guitar text is personal.
  19. all 3 instruements of the front line (Cornets/trumpet, Clarinet, and trombone) doing solo at the same time
    Collective improv.
  20. New Orleans Jazz equals
  21. FrontLine in New Orleans Jazz
    1 or 2 Cornets or Trumpets, Clarinet, and trombone
  22. Rhythm section in Jazz
    String Bass, Guitar or banjo, sometimes piano and drums.
  23. popularized as the music used for cakewalk dances during the 1890;s played on banjos fiddles the piano or by bands
    Ragtime Jazz
  24. a deliberate disturbance of the normal metrical pulse, produced by shifting the accent from a normally strong beat to a weak beat.
  25. Hornline in a Big Band
    4/5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 sax.
  26. Rhythm Section of a Big Band
    drum set, string bass and piano
  27. a jazz style that emphasizes small ensembles playing very active and complex music
  28. Who was a Famous Sax player who helped for Bebop?
    Charlie "the Bird" Parker.
  29. represents the tormented feeling of people stuck in a world of pain and conflict.
  30. Lacking a recognizable tonal center.
  31. Inventor of the Electric guitar.
    Les Paul: Gibson
  32. Inventor of the Electric Bass
  33. Who type of music was mainly by BLack people?
    Rhythm and Blues
  34. Rhythm and blues was during what years?
    The 40's
  35. Rock and Roll was during what years?
    the 50's
  36. Who was part of the British invasion?
    The beatles and the Rolling stones
  37. a recording system invented during the mid 1920's to allow previously recoreded music to play simultaneously with a film
  38. a piano with the sound altered by the insertion of items such as bolts, screws, pencils, cloth, and even paper on or between the strings.
    Prepared piano
  39. Advanced guard, used in arts culture and politics
  40. a late 20th century movement the seeks to return music to its simplest, most basic elements.
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