Cold War Study Guide

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  1. Why was the arms race dangerous?
    The weapons were so powerful and dangerous they could destroy the world.
  2. How did Cuba change during their Revolution?
    Cuba became a communist country and it restricted political and economic freedoms.
  3. What is the "red scare"?
    The fear of communists in America.
  4. What is the Warsaw Pact?
    The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe made an alliance around Communist security in the world.
  5. What is NATO?
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Alliance between US, Canada, Western Europe and other capitalist nations promoting deomcracy.
  6. What did the SALT talks and START treaty accomplish?
    They limited the number of nuclear weapons between the two superpowers of US and USSR.
  7. What were the American motives when implementing detente?
    To restrain the powers of the Soviet Union through diplomacy.
  8. How did the Marshall plan help Europe?
    The United States gave economic aid to war-torn Europe after WW2.
  9. What is suburbanization?
    The movment of people to the outsid eof the urban core.
  10. How did the Europe eliminate tariffs and trade barriers?
    They created European Coal and Steel Communities that eliminated economic restrictions.
  11. How did Japan change their government?
    They created a parlimentary democracy with a constitution.
  12. What is a welfare state?
    A country with a market economy with some government controls over social and economical programs.
  13. How frequent were recessions in the United States during the Cold War?
    They were mild and short.
  14. How was the US economy linked to the broader global economy during the Cold War?
    The United States export a many goods but also imported many natural resources, such as oil.
  15. What is the Great Leap Forward?
    A superhuman effort to increase agricultural and industrial output.
  16. What is the Cultural Revolution?
    A program created by Mao Zedong that purged China of the bourgeoisie.
  17. Where did the Chinese Nationalist retreat?
  18. How did China support North Korea?
    China sent hundreds of thousands of troops to assist North Korea in defeating SOuth Korea.
  19. How does the United States exploit the poor relationship between China and the Soviet Union?
    The United States tried to improve relations with China and isolate the USSR.
  20. Why did Mao Zedong implement collectivization?
    He wanted to increase agricultural outputs and efficiency through communes.
  21. What is the Pusan Perimeter?
    The border of the port city of Pusan that the United Nations protected form the North Koreans.
  22. What is the Viet Cong's goal in the Vietnam War?
    To defeat South Vietnam and change their government to communism.
  23. How did the Tet Offensive change American opinions of the Vietnam War?
    Americans started to protest and favor leaving Vietnam.
  24. What are the Khmer Rouge responsible for in Cambodia?
    Genocide of 1/3 of the Cambodian people.
  25. What Conflict was considered the Soviet Union's “Vietnam”?
    The Invasion of Afghanistan.
  26. How did the United States contribute to the Invasion of Afghanistan?
    The US supplied weapons to the mujahedin.
  27. What aims did Gorbachev make with perestroika?
    He tried to restructure the government and economy, but only hurt the economy more.
  28. What changes occurred in the countries of Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union fell?
    Communist countries became capitalist democracies.
  29. How did glasnost lead to the end of communism in Eastern Europe?
    It ended censorship and the people strated to criticize the government.
  30. How did China change in the post-Cold War era?
    They turn into more of a capitalist country.
  31. How did the relationship of the United States change in the post-Cold War era?
    They became the sole super-power.
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