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  1. Carnivelesque
    Bakhtin- literary mode that subverts and liberates the assumptions of the dominant style or atmosphere through humor and chaos
  2. Histoire
    Steve Siedman- what an actor SHOULD do: suppress/deny audience's presence, depict their fictional role
  3. Discours
    S. Seidman- comedian announces enunciative function and acknowledges spectator.
  4. Object Analogue
    • one object equated instantly with another;
    • can be a mistake of one for another
    • similarity in shape creates analogous fxn.

  5. mutual interference
    two distinct series of events interpenetrate, provide conflicting, but individually or perspectivally plausible interpretations

    ex) That's my wife--The "couple" (the wife portrays male)- are wrestling in the middle of the dance floor, uncle views it as frisking. Force viewers to see things simultaneously
  6. Mischeif Gag
    • Interruption normally with an oblivious victim and a rascal engineer playing a prank
    • Humorous scene
    • Mess + punishment
  7. Mimed metaphor
    mimed gesticulation of object used to metaphorically represent another fxn of obj.
  8. Continuity cinema
    use of matching shots, coherent space & time effects. Used to show continuity.

    ex) The Navigator: Geometric sequence of keaton and female looking for each other on the boat, a chase sequence.
  9. Vaudville Aesthetic
    using vaudville experience or techniques and including it in the movie screen, always a show to the camera.

    ex) Playhouse- majority of scenes occured on a stage--is he giiving a performance to audience in film or to us, the viewers?
  10. operational aesthetic
    finding the revelation of the trick.

    ex) propeller scene where a man hangs onto the propellor as it spins.
  11. solution gag
    speedy transformation or reconceptualization of a problem situation by redirecting an object

    ex) The Frozen North- Keaton uses guitars as snow shows because it is shaped like snow shoes, also surrealist like
  12. Burlesque
    highest form of Dramatic Art
  13. Comedian Comedy
    • dominance of a central comic figure,
    • utilizaing vaudville aesthetics,
    • performer's license to break the rules that governed conventional narratives and diegetic continuums.
  14. Switch movement-
    • a movement begun on one trajectory is finished on another
    • meaning of movement changes midstream

    • ex) The Pilgrim- Chaplin is waiting to get his ticket at the counter, notices bars in front of him and is reminded of his jail time. He regresses back to his old ways for a few seconds, then gets back to reality as an escape convict.
  15. switch image
    limited image given to audience encourages one meaning; added information change sunderstanding of situation

    ex) Speedy- @ fair with girlfriend, first shot with him looking like he's throwing up, but he's actually doing a breathing game.
  16. Pie and Chase
  17. Cinema of Attractions
    Tom-Gunning- Showing, presentation aesthetic vs. character driven. Brief, spectacle oriented

    show vs tell.
  18. Keystone Studio
    Founded by Mack Sennet who started this w/ comedic films. Chaplin, Arbuckle, and Normand rose to stardom from here.
    • sometimes evokes uneasy feeling
    • real. Reality, in a sense, reality of existence is the material reality (bahktin perspective)
  20. Cross Dressing
    • a phenom. playing with biological idea that gender is structured role. Fool with appearance, more convincing it is.
    • Body=bioloigical reality, Clothing= imposed part.
  21. Passing
    ability to mimic surface appearance to make your way through social situations.

    DESTABILIZES class,gender, race, and ethnicity

    ex) Paleface
  22. Upward mobility
    suit represents generic businessman, salesman, signified masculinity and professionalism
  23. SkyScrapers (Merrill Schleier)
    • symbol of modernity, prosperity, power & prestige.
    • corperate capitalism, efficiency, optimism of American culture
    • Also denotes alienation, lonliness, indistinguishable, depersonalized.
  24. Glasses character
    • embodies middle class, product of mechanized
    • time, upward mobility
  25. human flies/spiders
    Harold was considered one for traversing the buildings on its frame, on the outside. He's tiny compared to the builidign
  26. Modernity
    • coined by Baudelaire- viewed city life served as an
    • intoxicant immersion in the urban crowd
    • provide artist with novel creative stimuli, at once electrifying and replete(full) with energy.
  27. Role-playing
    used as a mode of making one's way through culture. Adds layers of humor.
  28. Assimilation
    Immigrants had to assimilate to survivel act of morphing oneself to comfortably fit into society
  29. How is Urban Shock built?
    throuhg Nervous impulse principal (continuity techniques build coherence in scene of juxtaposition). Through editting techniques, one can build haptic experiences
  30. haptic experience
    bodily experience if you get a rxn (sweaty, <3 racing), watching an optical experience where mind is fooled to do same thing.
  31. What does bergson say about immigration movies, or what would he say?
    • form a corrective laughter to elimiate eccentricty by forcing you to keep up, socially.
    • uses Assimilation and Conformity
    • makes us question if ethnicity is just surface based
    • ex) Putting Pants on Phillip (Laurel and Hardy)
  32. Grotesque Realism
    • aesthetic category assoc. w/ popular festivity, characterized by celebration of bodily element
    • exploringbody parts open to outside world.
  33. Whiteness
    King states- serve as rallying pt for white workers as they competed against blacks and new immigrants for jobs.
  34. Ethnic grotesquery
    characteristic elements of costume and makeup drawing attn. to orifices and bodily extensions.

    ex)jew news
  35. Palimpsests
    • recylced manuscripts written over old ones
    • normally has traces of old text
  36. Polysemy
    ability of words, signs and symbols to have multiple meanings
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