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  1. Why are note cards better
    than a full sheet of paper for extemporaneous speaking?
    • All of the above

  2. An effective speaker should look at the
    audience no less than_____ of the time.

    • 95 Percent

  3. Orienting Material is most appropriate
    in the ________________ of a speech.


  4. 1)
    Background information given by a
    speaker such as definitions and explanations to help the audience fully
    understand and appreciate the rest of the speech is a(n):

    Orienting Material

  5. 1)
    A speaker who says, “Now that I have
    explained the concept of hedonism, I’m going to explore the condition known as
    anhedonia,” is using which one of the following transitional devices?


  6. 1)
    If there is a contradiction between the
    verbal and nonverbal components of a speaker’s message, which component is a
    listener likely to accept as the true message?

    the nonverbal conponent

  7. 1)
    “Conversational quality” in speech
    delivery means that:

    the speaker sounds spontaneous even though the speech it rehearsed

  8. 1)
    Which one of the following statements
    is acceptable to make during the introduction of a speech?

    "Let me give you a brief preview of what I going to cover."

  9. 1)
    An informative speech about the causes
    and effects of the depletion of the ozone layer would most likely be organized
    in ________________ strategic order.


  10. 1)
    Which organizational pattern would
    probably be most effective for arranging the main points of a speech with the
    specific purpose “To inform my audience about the major geographical regions of


  11. 1)
    Here are the main steps for a
    successful job interview explained in an informative speech:

    The first step is preparing for the
    interview before it takes place

    The second step is presenting yourself
    well during the interview itself

    III) The third step is following up after the interview

    main steps are arranged in ________________ order


  12. 1)
    “DVD, which stands for Digital Video
    Disc or digital versatile disc, is a small disc that can be used to store hours
    of studio-quality video and multi-channel surround-sound audio, CD-quality
    audio, highly interactive multimedia computer programs or anything else that
    can be represented as digital data.”


  13. 1)
    “The DVD showed every detail of the
    autumn glory: the sunlit red leaves of the sourwood trees, the orange glory of
    the sugar maples, and the brilliant-blue October sky without a cloud in sight.”

    Vivid Image

  14. 1)
    “Using their DVD player, James Bond
    fans can enjoy their favorite movie: starring Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger
    Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig. They can watch the movie in a variety
    of languages, with the soundtrack in English, French or Spanish. If they are multilingual, they can
    watch their favorite Bond speaking in French while reading the subtitles in


  15. 1)
    “Unlike VHS cassettes, DVD’s won’t wear
    out, and they offer fast access to any scene--there’s no need to wind through
    yards and yards of tape. Unlike
    VHS cassettes, most DVD’s are divided into chapters, making it easy to jump
    from one scene to another.”


  16. 1)
    “DVD’s and VHS cassettes both offer
    full-length movies.”


  17. 1)
    “Over 19 million DVD players have been
    sold in the U.S. since the format’s launch in March 1997.”


  18. 1)
    “I have always been an avid fan of
    movies and technology. So when I
    first heard about the new CD sized format that would be better quality than
    laser disc movies, I couldn’t wait to buy one of the new machines. I was one of the first to buy a DVD
    player when they first became available in the USA in the fall of 1997. The player cost more than $1000 and
    there were few movies available to purchase at the time, but I was happy to be
    the first on my block, perhaps even the first in my town, to own one. Now almost 5 years later I own almost 1000


  19. 1)
    States Jim Taylor of the DVD Review web
    site ‘DVD has become the most successful consumer electronics entertainment
    product ever.’”


  20. 1)
    “Some DVD discs contain hidden extra
    features which are not advertised on the packaging, like Easter eggs they are
    deliberately difficult to find and for many have become a sport to locate.”


  21. 1)
    working poor
    are those who work full time but still live below the poverty


  22. 1)
    “Among the working poor are
    schoolteachers, chefs, computer-maintenance workers, and airline flight


  23. 1)
    “Near Disney World in Florida is the
    community of Kissimmee. Behind the souvenir shops and motels live America’s
    working poor. The lawns are mowed, and the kids can play safely in the street.
    The neighborhood looks like a solid, secure all-American neighborhood, but if
    you look closely at the employed adults, you will see weariness in their eyes,
    for most of them work at 2 or 3 jobs and even then, they are barely able to pay
    the bills.”

    Vivid Image

  24. 1)
    “Linda Hargroves came home at 10:30 one
    night last week after finishing the second of her two jobs. Her 14-year-old son
    greeted her with news that he had been selected to compete in a statewide
    gymnastics event and needed $75 to pay for the trip. Hargroves had to tell him
    that he couldn’t go—she had no dollars to spare.”


  25. 1)
    “‘It doesn’t take much in the way of an
    unforeseen circumstance to spin these people right out of control,’ says Anita
    Beaty, director of Atlanta’s Task Force for the Homeless. ‘You cannot pay rent
    and child care on minimum wage.’”


  26. 1)
    “If you are a college graduate, your
    chances of living in poverty are less than 2%, but if you are a high-school
    dropout, the chances are 20%.”

    Contrast & Statistics

  27. 1)
    “The working poor are like trapeze
    artists struggling to maintain their balance on a high wire.”


  28. 1)
    “Today, I’m going to tell you about the
    impact of three of the most important inventions of the past millennium: how
    the compass, the printing press and the light bulb greatly extended the range
    of human exploration and knowledge.” This excerpt is a(n):


  29. 1)
    “For my birthday this year, my fiancé
    took me to an elegant restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner. After dessert, the waiter asked if we
    wanted coffee or a liqueur or a premium cigar (with the price of the cigar
    ranging from $50 to $100). This is
    just one example of how cigars have recently changed from smelly, disgusting
    nuisances into sophisticated treats.
    Since this experience I have become very interested in this trend. It has a special meaning for me as a
    former smoker and as public relations major.” This excerpt consists of:

    Attention-Getter, Orienting Material, & a Creditability Statement

  30. 1)
    “Today cigar sales are booming, with
    more than five billion cigars consumed in this country each year. The Center for Disease Control and
    Prevention found that 25 percent of college students smoke cigars, either
    occasionally or regularly.” This
    excerpt uses:

    Testimony & Statistics

  31. 1)
    What strategic order for the body of a persuasive speech is outlined in the
    following example?

    Most of us feel safe when we go to the
    mall to shop, but we shouldn’t feel so secure. Last June, a 41-year-old woman was shopping at the Westfarms
    Mall in Farmington, Connecticut. A
    few weeks ago two female shoppers at an upscale mall in Kansas City were
    abducted, robbed, and thrown into a vacant lot by carjackers.

    In recent years, more and more
    criminals—armed robbers, carjackers, purse snatchers, and pickpockets—go to
    shopping malls to find victims. On
    the Internet, I found dozens of stories like these in newspapers all across the
    United States. Researchers at the
    University of Florida estimate that violent crimes such as armed robbery and
    carjackings have increased seven-fold at shopping malls in the last 10
    years. I can’t give you any
    precise statistics, because there are none: As private businesses, malls do not
    have to disclose the crimes committed on their property. Malls don’t want to publicize crime
    because it would frighten away shoppers, but you need to be aware of the
    dangers you face.

    III) Although crimes at malls are on the upswing, I will show you
    that there are specific steps you may take to protect yourself. Stay alert: Avoid distractions, pay
    attention to people who walk in front of you and behind you. Avoid being an easy target: Always lock
    your car, park you car in well-lit areas, if you think you are being followed
    in a shopping center, find a guard or manager and express your concern, if a
    robber approaches you, remain calm and give up the items the robber wants, be
    careful with packages, be careful with purses and wallets, beware of remote
    restrooms. Investigate malls and
    choose those with a high level of security.

    IV) This is the kind of shopper you will be if you are a” Safe
    Shopper:” you will be aware of your surroundings, you will be careful with your
    valuables, you will be wary of remote areas and you will be sure to only
    patronize shopping centers that have high levels of security. If all shoppers were to follow these
    steps, mall crimes would drop dramatically.

    Before you leave today I want you to
    take this brief, one-page self-evaluation test that I have prepared. If you are not taking all of these
    precautions I want you to make sure you start to do so the next time you go to
    the mall.

    Monroe's Motivated Sequence

  32. 66) “If school uniforms have proven successful at more than a
    dozen elementary schools in Caddo Parish, including North Highlands, University
    and Atkins, they can be successfully implemented at all Caddo Parish elementary
    schools.” This statement is an example of which type of argument?

    Arguing from Example

  33. 66) Marijuana prohibition causes more social damage than
    marijuana use, just as the crime and violence associated with alcohol prohibition
    from 1919 to 1931 was more damaging than the potential harm of legal alcohol

    Arguing from Analogy

  34. 66) Due to an increase in the false sense of security that HIV
    infection is easily treatable and a decrease in funding for AIDS education in
    Louisiana, the rate of HIV infections in Louisiana will increase this year as
    it has in similar periods in the past.

    Arguing from Causation

  35. 66) President Bush will be re-elected in 2004 because his
    popularity is increasing after a temporary decrease and because John Kerry is
    not trusted by enough voters to be an effective leader.

    Arguing from Sign

  36. 66) The movie Adaptation,
    which featured academy award nominated performances by Nicholas Cage, Meryl
    Streep and Chris Cooper and an academy award nominated screenplay by Donald and
    Charlie Kaufman, should have received a nomination for Best Picture, since the
    best movies always feature great acting and writing.

    Arguing from Definition

  37. 66) Binge Drinking on college campuses is a growing problem
    nationwide, according to a 1999 study by conducted by the Harvard School of
    Public Health, the number of “frequent binge drinkers” (students who binge
    drink three or more times in a two-week period) rose by almost 3 percent since
    1993 (from 19.8 percent to 22.7 percent)

    Arguing from Authority

  38. 66) Emotional appeals in persuasive speaking should always be
    combined with:

    Appeals to Reason

  39. 66) If you encourage your audience to support public school
    uniforms because you believe they will reduce the possibility that their
    children might be harmed for inadvertently wearing gang colors, you are
    appealing to their need for:

    Safety & Security

  40. 66) If you encourage listeners to support public school uniforms
    because you believe they will increase school pride, you are appealing to the
    audience need for:

    Love & Belonging

  41. 66) If you encourage listeners to support public school uniforms
    because you believe they will encourage more creative ways for children to
    express themselves, you are appealing to the audience need for:


  42. 66) If you encourage listeners to support public school uniforms
    because you believe they will save parents money, you are appealing to which
    audience motivation?

    Financial Security

  43. 66) “Public school students must be allowed to choose their own
    clothes every day or they will lose the ability to make creative decisions.” This speaker is guilty of using which
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?


  44. 66) “Young people should avoid listening to rock music
    altogether if they don’t want to become hedonists.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in

  45. “Listening to rock music
    rots your brain cells. After years
    of listening to rock, tomorrow’s work force will have significantly lower IQ’s.” This speaker is guilty of using what
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?
    Building on Unproven Assumption

  46. 66) “Those who believe that rock music is harmful to young
    people won’t be happy until rock guitarists smash every single guitar in
    existence.” This speaker is guilty
    of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Red Harring

  47. 66) “Ms. Garland listens to Gospel music exclusively which is
    why her grade point average is 3.6, while her roommate, who listens to
    alternative rock exclusively, only has a 1.7 grade point average.” This is which kind of fallacy?

    False Cause

  48. 66) “Trying to get young people to listen to less rock music is
    silly when students are much more likely to be stifled by being forced to wear
    school uniforms.” This speaker is
    guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Red Herring

  49. 66) “Listening to Heavy Metal is no different that selling your
    soul.” This is which kind of

    False Analogy

  50. 66) “4 of my closest friends and I only listen to Hip-Hop and we
    all have A averages. This means
    all students who listen exclusively to Hip Hop with get good grades.” This speaker is guilty of using which
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Hasty Generalization

  51. 66) “Since Jazz was first played in the disreputable Red Light
    districts of New Orleans, we have to wonder about the personal integrity of Ms.
    Frederick, who loves to listen to Jazz.”
    This is which kind of fallacy?

    Attack on a Person

  52. 66) “Like Ozzy Osbourne, I believe that heavy drinking is no
    impediment to success as long as it is accompanied by lots of heavy metal.” This speaker is guilty of using which
    fallacy in reasoning?

    Appeal to Authority

  53. 66) “Advocates of legal abortion believe that all people who
    present potential burdens to others; the elderly, the poor, the physically and
    mentally challenged; are expendable.”
    This speaker is guilty of using what kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Straw Man

  54. 66) “We have two choices: the first is to adopt a vegetarian
    diet; the second is to suffer from serious health consequences such as cancer,
    obesity or heart disease.” This
    speaker is guilty of using what kind of fallacy in reasoning?


  55. 66) “My uncle smoked two packs of cigarettes every day of his
    adult life and he lived to be 95.
    This shows that smoking is actually good for you.” This speaker is guilty of using what
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    False Cause

  56. 66) “Mr. Frederickson is a recovering alcoholic, how can we
    trust his opinions on drunk driving?”
    Which fallacy is this?

    Attack on a Person

  57. 66) “The pitiless and avaricious behavior of Enron’s leaders is
    typical of most corporate executives.”
    Which fallacy is this?

    Hasty Generalization

  58. 66) “Each year more people are killed by automobile accidents
    than handgun accidents. That means
    we should ban cars before we ban handguns.” This speaker is guilty of using what kind of fallacy in

    Red Herring

  59. 66) “Believing in the theory of evolution is like worshipping
    Darwin instead of worshipping God.” Which fallacy is this?

    False Analogy

  60. 66) “The competition created by providing vouchers to all Caddo
    Parish families will force all of our public schools to improve.” This speaker is guilty of using what
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Building on Unproven Assumption
  61. “If the Dixie Chicks are
    willing to risk all that they have achieved over the past year by speaking out
    against the War on Iraq, we should all do the same thing.” This speaker is
    guilty of using what kind of fallacy in reasoning?
    Appeal to Authority

  62. 66) What is the term for a deductive scheme consisting of a
    major premise, a minor premise and a conclusion?

  63. “Gay Marriages are clearly
    a bad idea – over 70% of Americans polled recently are opposed to them.” This speaker is guilty of using which
    kind of fallacy in reasoning?
    Appeal to Popularity

  64. 66) “Every great civilization in history has prohibited Gay
    Marriages.” This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Appeal to Tradition

  65. 66) “Decriminalizing marijuana is a regrettable idea; if smoking
    marijuana wasn’t much worse than smoking tobacco, then it wouldn’t be illegal!”
    .This speaker is guilty of using which kind of fallacy in reasoning?

    Circular Reasoning
  66. 66) The morning of his classroom speech, Jonathan felt he needed
    more visual interest in the speech.
    On his way to class, he bought poster board and a marker and wrote down
    his main points for the audience to see.
    What this an appropriate method for a responsible student to use in
    creating a visual aid?

    • Yes. Visual aids always heighten the audience’s interest and

    • attention no matter how bad they are.

  67. 66) Audience analysis means:
    Researching exactly who your listeners are, what they know and what they care about
  68. 66) Which of the following is not a common public speaking
    Delivering your speech with enthusiasm
  69. 66) Which of the following methods of presenting a speech
    is best for most public speaking situations?
  70. Which of the following is
    the most important form of nonverbal communication for American audiences?
    Eye Contact
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