Pharm Final Review

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  1. Analeptic-
    CNS stimulent used to reverse drug-induced CNS depression, particularly Respiratory depression
  2. What receptors does Strychnine act on?
    Glycine Antagonist
  3. How does phenobarb work?
    • GABA mediated inhibition
    • Inhibits glutamate activity
    • Reduces Ca fluxes across mem
  4. *Weak bronchodilators include:
    • Theophylline
    • Aminophylline
  5. Which seizure medication is not used in cats?
  6. What medication can cause acute hepatic necrosis in cats?
  7. Steady State of Phenobarb is mantained w/in...
    14-16 days
  8. Weak bronchiodilators are used to Tx
    • Asthma (bronchodilator in dogs, cats & horses)
    • Cong Heart Dz (dilates coronary aa)
  9. What anticonvulsant causes blood dyscrasis and ALT/ALP
  10. What drug => PEMA?
  11. What drug is not used in cats, and not encouraged for used in dogs D/T hepatotoxic Fx?
  12. Antihistaminic Actions:
    Relaxation of contracted bronchiolar smooth m*
  13. Which type of seizure is most common in dogs?
    Generalized tonic-clonic (Grand-Mal)
  14. Status Epilepticus-
    When P fails to recover btw repeated tonic-clonic seizures, lasting for >30 mins
  15. What drugs has antithrombic and anticoagulatory actions?
  16. Heparine binds to ___ => ___ => ____
    • Antithrombin III factor
    • Conformational Change
    • Inhibits thrombin & Activates factor Xa
  17. What does Heparine increase?
    • Factor Xa
    • Plasminogen Activator
    • Tissue Activating Factor
  18. What drug can be used to antagonise heparine-induced hemorrhagic action?
    Protamine Sulfate
  19. What drug can be used to treat thromboemboli?
  20. What drug activates purinergic receptors?
  21. What drug selectively acts on plasminogen in fibrin clots?
    Tissue Plasminogen Activator
  22. What anabolic steroid is used in horses?
    Boldenone undecyclenate (Equipoise)
  23. Anabolic Steroids are designated as Class ___
  24. NSAIDS are ____ (acid/base properties)
    Weak acids
  25. Three therapeutic Fx of NSAIDS:
    • Antipyretic
    • Analgesic
    • Anti-inflammatory
  26. Active metabolite of phenylbutazone:
  27. Active metabolite of asprine:
    salycyclic acid
  28. What drug is a strong inhibitor of COX and inhibits lipooxygenase?
  29. Uses of acetominophen:
    • Analgesic
    • Antipyretic
  30. Acetominophen is excreted as ...
    Glucuronic Acid Derivitive
  31. What drug is used to reduce inflammation of the CNS?
    Acetominophen (Paracetamol)
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