CH 53

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  1. Sucession
    community cahnge over time in a single place
  2. primary sucession
    • soil is destroyed
    • glaciers
  3. Disturbance
    • event destroys biomass
    • fire
    • Can be integral part of community
  4. pioneer species
    • short lived
    • weeds
    • first to grow
  5. early sucession communities: species
    shrubs and shade intolerant treess
  6. Late sucession community: species
    long lived, competitive, shade tolerant trees
  7. Climax community
    Most competitive species
  8. Communitites can be unpredictable
    Planakton study
  9. Keystone species
    disporportionaly large effects on their communities
  10. Species richness depends on:
    • numer of exhisting species
    • island size
    • remoteness of island
  11. community ecology
    the study of species interaction
  12. community
    set of interacting species that share the same environment
  13. Interaction types
    • competition
    • consumption
    • mutialism
    • commensalism
  14. competition
    using the same resources
  15. ecological niche
    • species role in the environment
    • rang of resources and requirements
  16. competitive exclusion
    superior competitor forces other organism out
  17. chracter displacement
    • strong selection against competitor
    • must evolve to survive
  18. types of consumption
    • herbivory
    • predation
    • parisitism
  19. consistuative defense
    • defense mechanism that is always present
    • (camouflage, schooling, weaponry)
  20. Mimicary
    evolution of protective characteristics of other organisms
  21. mullerian mimics
    dangerous species look similar
  22. batesian mimics
    harmless species look similar to harmful
  23. Inducible defense
    defense only active when in danger
  24. commensalism
    one species bennefits, other species has no effect
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