English Final

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  1. Glass Manajerie
    By Tennessee Williams. He died by choking to death on water bottle. First opened in Chicago 1945. Play takes place in St. Louis.

    Tom sees the wrigley building.

  2. Those winter sundays
    by Robert Hayden. Speaker talks about how his father expressed his love by actions. Hayden regrets not to have thank everything his father has done
  3. The world is too much with us
    Williams Wordsworth. He thinks that people in modern age lost connection with nature
  4. I wandered lonely as a cloud
    Williams Wordsworth. Gets happy when he sees daffodils.
  5. Composed upon Westminster Bridge
    by William Wordsworth. Did many nature poems.
  6. Waterloo sunset
    Ray Davies. He was part of the Kinks
  7. Desert Places
    Robert Frost. Watching a vast plain snowy land. It reflects his isolation in him.
  8. The road not taken
    Robert frost
  9. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening
    Robert Frost.
  10. We real Cool
    Gwendolyn Brooks
  11. A song in the front yard
    by Gwendolyn Brooks. Girl wants to do what she want in her own way.
  12. The lake Isle of Innisfree
    by William Butler. He will live in a small cabin in the nature. Living by the bees.
  13. Meeting at night
    by Robert browning. The guy in the poem goes on a journey to meet his lover.
  14. Mirror, Daddy
    Sylvia Plath. Killed herself by gassing herself. confessional poems
  15. The tyger
    William Blake. Admires how powerful a tiger is.
  16. London
    William Blake. He talks about how London is over taking by Poverty and hardships.
  17. La Belle Dame Sans Merci (The beautiful lady without mercy/pity)
    John Keatz. Died at age 26. Consumption. His poems are normally about stopping time.
  18. Ode on a Grecian Urn
    John Keatz
  19. On first looking into chapman's homer
    John Keatz
  20. There a certain slant of light
    Emily Dickinson. Speaking of time death and mortality.
  21. Because I could not stop for death
    Emily Dickinson
  22. The negro speaks of rivers
    Langston Hughes
  23. Dream deferred
    Langston hughes
  24. The unknown citizen
    W.H Auden
  25. The wild swans at coole
    William Butler Yeats
  26. Do not go gentle into that good night
    Dylan Thomas. People should not be prepare to die. His own father is dying.
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