Chapter 11 psych vocabulary

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  1. a disorder characterized by antisocial behavior such as lying, stealing, manipulating others, and sometimes violence; and a lack of guilt, shame, and empathy
    Antisocial personality sisorder
  2. a mood disorder in which episodes of both depression and mania (excessive euphoria) occur
    bipolar disorder
  3. completley withdrawing into a private world, sitting for hours without moving
    catatonic stupor
  4. a contriversialdisorder marked by the apparent appearance within one of two or more distinct personalities, each with its own traits; multiple personality disorder
    Dissociative Identity disorder
  5. a continuous state of anxietymarked by feeling of worry and dread, appehension, difficulites in concentration, and signs of motoe tension
    Generalized Anxiety disorder
  6. tests that determine if someone has a mental disorder
  7. people learn addiction from others
    Learning model of addiction
  8. a mood disorder involving distribenses in emotion(exsessive sadness), behavior(loss of interest in one's usual activity) cognition(thoughts of hopelessness, and body function(fatigue and loss of appitite)
    Major depression
  9. a disorder characterized by anexaggerated sence of self-importance and self-absorbtion
    Narcissistic personality disorder
  10. an anxiety disorder in which a person feels trapped in pesistent thoughts(obsessions) and repetitive, ritualized behaviors(compulsions) designed to reduce anxiety
    obsessive-compulsive disorder
  11. an axiety disorder in which a person expressed recurring panic attacks, periods of intence fear, and feeling of impending doom or death, accompanied by physiological symptoms such as raid heart rate ans dizziness
    panic disorder
  12. a disorder chaaacterixed by unreasonable, excessive suspiciousness and mistrust, and irrational feeling of being persecuted by others
    paranoid personaltiy disorder
  13. an exaggerated, unrealistic fear of a specific situation, activity, or object
  14. an anxiety disoder in which a person who has experienced a traumatic or life-threatening event has symptoms such as psychic numbingm or reliving of the trauma ans increased physoogiacal arousal
    posttraumatic stress disorder
  15. psychological tests used to infer a person's motives, conflicts, and unconscious dynamics on the basis of the person's interpetations of ambiguous stimuli
    projective tests
  16. any behavior or emotional state that causes a person great suffering, is self-distructive, seriously impares the person's ability to work or get along with others, or endangers others in the community
    mental disorder
  17. an extreme mental disturbance iinvolving distorted perseptions and irrational behavio; it may have psychological or organic causes
  18. people whoare ddependant on drugs
    substances abuse
  19. approaches that emphasize how individual vulneabilities(in genes or personality traits) interact with external stresses or circumstances to produce mental disorders
    vulnurability-stress models
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