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  1. Developing a sense of self by trying on a variety of roles is known as________________.
  2. Self is the individual's awareness of himself or herself derived from ________________.
    Interpersonal Interaction
  3. The study of the whole individual is known as _________________.
    Gestalt psychology
  4. An approach to psychology that asserts that only observable behavior can be studied is known as
  5. A _________________ is a behavior that is elicited by a previously neutral stimulus.
    conditioned response
  6. The development of individual identity through interpersonal experiences and the internalizing of the expectations of significant others is called _________________ .
  7. The connectors between neurons are _________________.
  8. In social-learning theory, _________________ is shaped by internal cognitive processes and observing the behavior of others.
  9. A methodology that emphasizes how people learn about themselves and their environment is the _________________.
    cognitive approach
  10. _________________ is the differences among groups of people that are attributable to genetics.
  11. ______________ is purposely rearranging the DNA and inheritance to create new or different forms of life.
    Genetic Engineering
  12. ____________ is the Viennese psychiatrist who was principally responsible for the development of psychoanalytic theory.
    Sigmund Freud
  13. The founder of modern stimulus-response theory was the Russian psysiologist __________________.
  14. Insight-oriented therapy, often focused on early childhood experiences is called ____________.
  15. Even when learned, patterns of behavior tend to endure longer when the initial repsonse to the stimulus is followed by __________________.
  16. ________________ who died in 1990. is mist famous for believing that behavioral conditioning must be used to ensure the survival of human society by eliminating the destructive impluses.
    B.F. Skinner
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