Review Modules

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  1. Can we have more passengers than floatation devices?
  2. When should the passenger inflate the life vest?
    Just prior to exiting the A/C
  3. How many spare life vests are on the 737?
  4. The mooring line must be cut to seperate the life raft from the A/C. T or F
  5. Where would you find the canapoy and other supplies for the life raft?
    in the Survival Kit
  6. In which direction should the Sea Anchor be deployed? And Describe how the sea anchor should be adjusted for different sea conditions.
    • Upwind
    • Open for rough water
    • Closed for calm water
  7. Where in the life raft should you be located when shooting off the flares?
  8. What signaling devices do we have on the raft?
    • Flashlight
    • Flares
    • Wistle
    • Mirror
    • Sea Dye
  9. Give an exit seat briefing overwater with rafts.
    • Are you aware that you are seated in an exit row?
    • Do you understand the responsibilities of sitting in this seat?
    • Your assistance will be needed in the removing and deploying of the life rafts in the event of a water landing.
    • The Life Raft weighs approximately 100 pounds and is located (show them)....
    • All the information can be found in the SIC (point out the removal and operation of the life rafts using the SIC)
    • Are you willing to assist if needed?
  10. What is the preflight for the ELT?
    make sure that it is there
  11. What is the preflight of the life raft in the OHB's? And in the ceiling compartments?
    • Make sure that it is there and that there is nothing in the OHB with it.
    • Make sure that the yellow raft casing is visable & that the seal isn't broken
  12. You should try to stay dry while inside the life raft. T or F
  13. What are the exit responsibilities onboard the 737 with life rafts onboard in a planned ditching?
    • L1 - Primary = L1 Secondary = R1
    • R1 - Primary = A/C R OWE Secondary = A/C L OWE
    • L2 - Primary = A/C L OWE Secondary = A/C R OWE
    • R2 - Primary = OWE Secondary = L1/R1
  14. Where do the F/A's sit for a Planned Ditching?
    • L1 - Inboard FWD J/S
    • R1 - Inboard Aft J/S
    • L2 - Outboard Aft J/S
  15. How many ABP's do you need for the L1 door and the OWE's?
  16. Where will the L1 ABP's sit?
    • 1C
    • 2C
    • 3C
    • 3D
  17. Where will the A/C L OWE ABP's sit?
    Row 18 A, B & C and 17C
  18. Where will the A/C R OWE ABP sit?
    18 D, E & F and 19 D
  19. Who briefs the L2/R2 door ABP's?
    R1 & L2
  20. Which way should the handles be turned to turn off the aspirators?
  21. What 3 steps help to stabalize the raft?
    • Close the Aspirators
    • Distribute the Load
    • Deploy the Sea Anchor
  22. What direction is the wind always coming from?

    Wind direction >
    x y
    which is upwind?
    • Upwind
    • X
  23. What do you do after throwing the raft out of the A/C?
    • Tie the mooring line to the A/C
    • Close the aspirators
    • Deploy the Sea Anchor
    • Stabalize the Raft
    • Then cut the mooring line
  24. What are the Primary and Secondary Briefing responsibilities for the F/A's onboard the 737 in a planned ditching with rafts?
    • L1 - Primary = L1 - Secondary = R1
    • R1 - Primary = A/C R OWE - Secondary = L2/R2
    • L2 - Primary = A/C L OWE - Secondary = L2 /R2
    • R2 - Primary = OWE Secondary = Asisst as needed
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