Vocabulary Study 5

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  1. acrimonious
  2. affinity
    a likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship
  3. buttress
    a support or prop
  4. circumspect
    careful to consider consequences, cautious
  5. conflagration
    a large fire
  6. dearth
    a lack
  7. empirical
    based on observation and not on theory
  8. emmity
    absolute hatred
  9. exotic
    foreign, unfamiliar
  10. guile
  11. haughty
    arrogant, excessively proud and vain
  12. insrutable
    difficult to understand; mysterious
  13. malice
    desire to harm others
  14. morose
    being sullen or gloomy, glum
  15. perfunctory
    acting routinely with little interest or care
  16. proliferation
    an increase in number, multiplication
  17. redolent
    exuding fragrance
  18. sycophant
    a self-serving flatterer, leech
  19. synthesis
    combining parts into a whole
  20. veracity
    devotion to the truth
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