Earth history final 2

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  1. Antler orogeny
    accretion of an island arc onto North America - Devonian
  2. Ancestral Rocky Mountain Uplift
    caused by stress from Pangaea - Pennsylvanian to Permian
  3. Sonoman
    plates attaching- formed faults and clastic wedges on top of the Antler orogeny - Triassic
  4. Nevadan
    subduction resulted in continental arcs forming the Sierra-Nevada batholiths - Jurassic
  5. Sevier
    thrust faults eastward in backarc zone- shallow reverse faults in sedimentary layers - Jurassic to Early Cret
  6. Laramide
    • Pre-Cambrian basement rock uplifts
    • Late Cret.
  7. Basin and Range Extension
    extensional stress creates plateaus - Miocene
  8. Cascade
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