Computer Programming Chapter 1

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  1. Algorithm
    series of finite steps designed to solve a problem.
  2. Applications Programmers
    programmers who write, maintain, and/or customize programs that handle a specific task.
  3. Applications Software
    acts as an interface between the user and the systems software, and allows the user to perform specific tasks.
  4. Assembler
    used to convert Assembly Language instructions to Machine Language.
  5. Assembly Language
    a language using mnemonics in place of 1's and 0's, as with Machine Language.
  6. Compiler
    a software program that converts HighLevel ProcedureOriented and ObjectOriented program instructions into Machine Language.
  7. Control Structure
    used to control logic flow in a program. The three basic control structures are sequence, selection, and repetition.
  8. Decision Structure
    another term for a selection structure.
  9. HighLevel ProcedureOriented Language
    allows the programmer to use instructions that more closely resemble the English language.
  10. Iteration
    another term for the repetition structure.
  11. Logic Structures
    another term for control structures.
  12. Loop
    another term for the repetition structure.
  13. Machine Language
    a language that uses bits/bytes to form instructions to communicate with a computer system.
  14. Mnemonics
    symbols used to represent actual Machine Language instructions.
  15. ObjectOriented Language
    a language that views a problem solution as a set of interacting objects.
  16. Programmers
    the people who write computer programs.
  17. Programming Languages
    languages used to communicate with a computer.
  18. Programs
    the directions given to computers.
  19. Repetition Structure
    a control structure in which program instructions are repeatedly executed until a condition is met. Another common term for the repetition structure is a loop.
  20. Selection Structure
    a control structure in which program instructions are executed based upon a decision. Another name for the selection structure is the decision structure.
  21. Sequence Structure
    the most basic control structure in which program instructions are executed one after another.
  22. Systems Programmers
    programmers who write and maintain programs that help the com puter carry out its basic operating functions.
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