Goverment final

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  1. ATTB we the american people
    greatly over estimate the power of the president
  2. ATTB the writer of the constitutions
    meant for the congress to be the presidents equal in makiing forien policy
  3. ATTB congresspeople
    recieve not only their salaries but also free medical isuraance and cut rate insurance
  4. ATTB corporate crime
    cost the goverment ten times more than robbery
  5. the speaker of the house has the power of recognition. how may this be used as a power
    because he can pick the best speakers on that subject and the ones that are the worst so his point gets argued for
  6. what is an executive agreement
    an agreement made between the president and another nation that is not a treaty so when a new president comes in he can keep it or throw it out
  7. what is the appropration bill
    the bill that spends the money
  8. why is the veto power such a good power for the president to posses
    because it always kills a bill
  9. what is one power that the speaker of the house once possesed and no longer has
    pick commitee chair people
  10. origanally who chose the members of the elcectoral college
    state legislature
  11. what does it mean for a congress person to be a delagate
    they try and do what the majority wants
  12. what is a discharge petition
    a petition to get a bill out of commettee so the house can pass it
  13. whis is the head of goverment in britain whis is the symbolic power
    the priminister is the real power and the king and queen is the symbolic power
  14. how many electoral college votes does each state recieve
    it depends on the number of people in congress
  15. what do people in the executive office of the president do
    they addvise the president on what to do on major issues
  16. name three reasons that the congress lets bureaucrats make laws
    • save congress time
    • they have experts
    • avoid that blame
  17. name three state crimes
    • murder
    • robery
    • fraud
  18. name three federal crimes
    • treson
    • counter fitting
    • bank robbery
  19. how is the federal judge remove from office
    the impeachment proscess
  20. who descides today what is abocene and mat not be shown in movies
    state and local goverment
  21. why might a christian scientist afrgue that he is not free to practice his religion as he wishes
    cause you have to take your children to the doctor and if you dont then you can becharged with muder and child abuse
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