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  1. which original components were very susceptible to damage from electrostatic disharch?
  2. what is considered to be a comps main storage?
  3. what is considered as nonvolatile permanent memory?
  4. what is a form of firmware that contains the computers startup instructions?
  5. what is defined as an asynchronous signal from a comp hardware device indicating the need for attention from a CPU or synchronous event?
  6. which controller component interprets an electronic signal, prioritizes it, and requests the attention of the CPU?
  7. which interrupt request (IRQ) line number is normally used for the floppy disk controller?
  8. which is a term used to describe that data is whole or complete?
    Data Integrity
  9. what is considered as a technique or method of cehcking data integrity?
  10. which is a very simple example of an error detecting code?
    Parity Bit
  11. what is a way of utilizing a group of storage devices as if they were physically connected to a server when they are not?
  12. what is an advantage of using a SAN architecture?
    Ease of replacing server
  13. what is the connection type of choice for SAN?
    Fibre Channel
  14. which storage device can be easily connected to a network and appears as a network drive?
  15. which storage device has the means of providing data storage reliability using multiple hard drives?
  16. the hard drives in a RAID array are presented to the server as?
    one single hard drive
  17. which technology is often used in RAID array that can be dasy chained?
  18. which is not a characteristic of high order languages?
    Sourse codes that are written closest to machine language
  19. what best describes programming machine code?
    Instructions in a form that is acceptable to the computer
  20. which selection is a set of markup symbols or codes inserted in a file inteded for display on a web browser page?
  21. which web app is most likely to succeed HTML?
  22. a satandar web app used to pass a web users request to a servers app program and to exchange data back to the user is called a ?
  23. which protocol is commonly used for managing transmission on in the internet?
  24. which program can be used to automatically launch programs on a preset schedule?
    Disk defrag
  25. which error checking tool allows you monitor the file system errors?
    Check Disk
  26. Which numbering system characterisitc is the leftmost non zero digit of a numeric value?
  27. what should each org have that spellso ut which systems are prioritized in what order for the basis of protecting those systems from disasters?
    List of critical devices
  28. which type of backup would you use at the end of the week to save all data that you select on your systems?
  29. which typ eof backup will back up all files that have been altered in the last 24hours?
  30. what is based around a central directory database containing information about all the domain controllers in the network?
    Active Directory
  31. what is a group of users, servers, and other resources that share a centralized database of account and security info?
  32. where does a copy of the active directory database reside?
    Domain Controllers
  33. what kind of server contains the master listing of all ad objects in the forest?
    Global Catalog
  34. what is a set of rules that can be set to affect ad leaf objects to control what can be done by a user?
    Group Policy Objects
  35. which type of interface is friendlier for the average user to use?
  36. which of the following is not one of the elements that most GUI's are composed of?
  37. sitting at a computer and loading a software patch onto it is an example of what type of software patch?
  38. which type of patch would utilize a remote installation service (RIS)?
  39. which components of DNS contain a database of associated names and IP addresses?
    Name Servers
  40. which query is made by one name server to another name server?
    Non recursive query
  41. which software program manages an IP address allocation for a network?
  42. the groupu of IP addresses that a DHCP server manages is known as a?
  43. what is the minimum number of scopes a DHCP server can have?
  44. according to AF DHCP policies, how long is the lease that a noncritical workstation will ahve applied to them?
    30 days
  45. what type of service allows network administrators to install upgrades on any number of client comps at one time from a centralized locations?
    Remote installation service (RIS)
  46. which is not a component of IIS?
  47. what component of windows unifies and simplifies day to day system management tasks?
  48. which type of group manages users rights assignments and access permissions?
  49. which special identity can represent users currently logged on to a partifular computer and accessing a given resource located on that computer?
  50. what defines the rules by which operations can be performed on a particular resource?
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