Sacrament Book Ch. 1

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  1. Incarnation
    A word that means "taking on human flesh." Jesus is the Incarnation of God. In Jesus, God took human form.
  2. Liurgy
    The official public worship of the Church. The sacraments and the Divne Office consititute the Church's liturgy. Mass is the most important liturgical celebration.
  3. Hypostatic Union
    The d octrine of faith that recognizes two natures in the one divine Person of Jesus Christ.
  4. Evangelists
    Theh writers of the four Gospels in the New Testament. According to tradition, the four evangelists are Matther, Mark, Luke, and John.
  5. Jesus
    A Hevrew name that means "God saves." This name explains the purpose of Jesus' life-to save all people from sin.
  6. Christ
    A Hevrew name that means "anointed one." This name, when applied to Jesus, means he is the Son of the living God.
  7. Messiah
    The long-prophesized Savior that God would send to save people from their sins. Some Jews in the time of Jesus thought this Messiah would be a political figure, someone who would rescue them from domination byt the Romans.
  8. Primordial Sacrament
    A reference to Jesus as the "prime sacrament" because he points to God's love while at the same time he is God's love for us as he reconciles the world to his Father.
  9. marks of the Church
    Four essential signs or characteristics of Christ's Church that mark her as his true Church. The Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.
  10. communion of saints`
    The unity in Christ of all those he has redeemed; the Church on eart, in Heaven, and in Purgatory.
  11. human solidarity
    The virtue of social charity, friendship, and responsible sharing whereby we recognize our interdependence on others and that wew are all brothers and sisters of one family under a loving Father.
  12. Social Justice
    A form of justice that treats all peiople fairly and equally, accordign to their due. Social justice involves fair treatment of individuals.
  13. charism
    A God-given talent, gift, skill, or ability that is given to each person for the good of everyone in the Church.
  14. sacramental grace
    A participation in the life and love of the Trinity that comes to us through the sacraments. Each sacrament brings us a different dimension of God's life and love.
  15. theological virtues
    Three important virtues bestowed on us at Baptism that realte us to God: Fith, hope, and charity.
  16. laity
    All members of the Church who have been intiiated into the Church through Baptism and who are not ordained or in consecrated life.
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