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  1. What is the procedure for each F/A to follow when providing medical assistance in flight?
    • 1 - assist the customer
    • 2 - tell the captian
    • 3 - be the runner
  2. What is the preflight for the EMK?
    • Proper Location
    • Securely bracketed
    • Verify the seal is in tact
    • Verify that the freeze warning indicator background has not been stained red
  3. Who can use the EMK?
    • only a liscened MD or DO
    • or at the CAPT's discretion
  4. What are the 3 criteria for using the AED? And how old must your patient be when using the FR2 AED?
    • unconcoious
    • not breathing
    • no detactable pulse
    • 8 years old
  5. What is the treatment for a heart attack?
    • ABC's
    • Oxygen
    • Notify the CAPT
    • Ask for medical assistance
  6. Name some univerdal precautions?
    • gloves
    • washing your hands
    • biohazzard bag
    • barrier seal
  7. Can a F/A open the EMK?
  8. What are your duties if the EMK Seal is broken?
    Notify the CAPT
  9. How much time do you have after breathing stops before brain damage sets in?
    4 to 6 minutes
  10. Describe the 3 steps to control bleeding?
    • D - Direct Pressure
    • E - Elevate
    • P - Pressure Points
  11. What is shock caused by?
    inadequate blood supply to the tissues of the body
  12. What are some symptoms of shock?
    • pale
    • cold & clamy
    • shallow breathing
    • weakness
    • weak pulse
    • bluish lips and nails
  13. What are the rules about giving customers medication?
    • you may only give meds in the FAK
    • you cannot give the patient any other meds
  14. Basic victim care: What are the 3 things to check for immediately?
    • A - Airways - are the open?
    • B - Breathing - are they?
    • C - Circulation - is there a pulse?
  15. If the customer has a pluse, but is not breathing, what should you do?
    • begin rescue breathing
    • give one breath every 3 to 5 seconds
  16. What are the 3 degrees of burns? Describe each.
    • 1st - redness and pain
    • 2nd - redness and blisters
    • 3rd - white charred skin
  17. What are the 2 types of diabetic reactions?
    • Hypoglycemia = Insulin Shock - sudden onset, sugar is the treatment
    • Hyperglycemia = Diabetic coma - gradual onset treatment water
  18. What is a common method used to clear the ear passage?
    valsava maneavour
  19. What are the 4 symptoms of a heart attack?
    • severe chest pain
    • pain in the left arm or neck
    • shortness of breath
    • *vomiting*
  20. What is a stroke?
    a sudden interuption of blood supply to the brain
  21. What is the treatment for a stroke?
    ABC's, Oxygen, No Food or Drink
  22. Describe the symptoms of a person suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest?
    • unconscious
    • not breathing
    • no pulse
  23. Name the first 4 CPR procedures.
    • Shake and shout
    • and the ABC's
  24. Where are the FAK's located on the 737?
    • Forward Closet
    • Aft Centerline Closet
  25. Where are the FAK's located on the 717?
    • FWD OHB A/C L
    • Aft OHB A/C R
  26. Where are the EMK's located on the 717?
    • F/D
    • AFT OHB A/C R
  27. Where are the EMK's located on the 737?
    • F/D
    • FWD Closet
  28. Before using an AED, what 3 things must be observed?
    • unconscious
    • not breathing
    • no pulse
  29. What are the capabilities of the AED?
    restore heartbeat through electric shock and monitor heart rhythm
  30. Can you use an FR2 AED on a 5 year old?
    No - must be 8 or use an FRX
  31. How do you preflight the FR2 AED?
    • Proper Location
    • Securly Bracketed
    • Check for the flashing hour glass
  32. How do you freflight the FRX AED?
    • Proper Location
    • Securly Bracketed
    • Make sure that you see the flashing green light in the preflight window
  33. True of False
    The FR2 AED has an Infant/Child Key.
    Flase - that's the FRX
  34. If you have an incapaciated F/A onboard, where will the other 2 F/A's sit?
    On the inboard J/S's - one FWD one AFT
  35. Can a flight attendant inniciate an evacuation?
    yes - when life is in immenant danger
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