World History Rome Chapter 5 section 1

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  1. Republic
    A form of government in which power is in the hands of representatives & leaders are elected by the people
  2. Patrician
    A group of aristocratic land owners in ancient Rome who held most of the power in early Rome
  3. ->Plebeian<-
    one of the common farmers & merchants who made up most od the population in ancient Rome
  4. Tribune
    an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights
  5. Consul
    one of the two powerful officials elected every year to command the army and make the laws
  6. Senate
    the supreme governing body, originaly made up of only Aristocrats
  7. dictator
    a political leader give absolute power to make laws and command the army for 6 months
  8. Legion
    a military unit in ancient rome made up of 5k of troops and a group of calvary
  9. Hannibal
    247 to 183 BC, managed to invade italyh but was defeated
  10. Scipio
    a roman general who invaded carthage and defeated hannibal at zoma
  11. Tarquin the proud
    the last atruscion ruler of rome
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World History Rome Chapter 5 section 1
World History Rome Chapter 5 section 1
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