Wa vs Ga

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  1. Wa description
    Topic marker

    Comes after the topic

    The topic is something both the speaker and listener know
  2. Wa examples
    • Toni-san wa pan o tabemasu
    • Mr. Tony east bread.

    • Watashi wa gakusei desu
    • I am a student
  3. Ga description
    Subject marker

    Comes when something new is introduced

    Used in the question of who or what

    • The object of the sentence is usually marked by the particle "o," but some verbs and adjectives (expressing like/dislike (kirai), want(koshii), potential, necessity, fear, need(hitsuyo), be located, exist(aru) etc.) take "ga" instead of "o."
    • EX:
    • Kuruma ga hoshii desu.
    • I want a car.

    Used to indicate subject in a subordinate clause
  4. Ga examples
    • Who or what:
    • Dare ga kimasu ka?
    • Who is coming?

    • Emphasise the subject:
    • Taro ga gakkou ni ikimashita.
    • Taro is the one who went to school
    • Kare ga Osaka ni ikimashita.
    • He (is the one who) went to Osaka.

    • Used in Subordinate clauses
    • Okyaku-sama ga sugu kimasu node, okasan wa totemo isogashii desu.
    • Since guests are coming soon, Mother is very busy.

    • Exception words
    • Watakushi wa chokoreto ga suki desu.
    • I like chocolate.
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