ch 12

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  1. gender
    characteristics of people as males and females
  2. gender identity
    involves a sense of ones own gender, including knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of being male or female
  3. gender roles
    sets of expectations that prescribe how females or males should think, act, and feel.
  4. gender typing
    acquisition of a traditional masculine or feminine role
  5. evolutionary psychology view
    adaptation during the evolution of humans produced psychological differences between males and females.
  6. brain structure differences
    • hypothalamus larger in men
    • parietal lobe larger in men
    • emotional expression area larger in females
    • female brains are smaller than male brains but have more surface area
  7. rapport talk
    language of conversation, it is a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships
  8. report talk
    talk that is designed to give information
  9. climacteric
    midlife transition in which fertility declines
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