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  1. States government has the power to decide how old, lengthof residency, whether to be a citizen , race, gender, to vote. There were also limitations on free white male adults, eventually the property owner clause is taken away, then religious.
    Women's voting right
  2. were the first to give the women the right to vote...
    Rocky mountains
  3. Was the first state east of the miss. river to give women the vote
  4. If u are in jail you cannot vote
    Exception to the 19th amendment.
  5. took power away from the state to the federal govt. now women could vote every time and in every election
    19th amendment
  6. Changed in inaguration date of senators and presidents and vice president. Senators are moved from Dec. to Jan 3rd. Election is still in november. President usually sworn in in march now jan 20th.
    20th amendment
  7. True or false?
    If the president dies after election and before inauguration then the VP will be sworn in as president.
  8. was the last and 1st to have the anaguration in march and jan respectively
    • Roosevelt
    • amed. 20
  9. the only amendment that does away with another amendment
    21st amendment
  10. 18th amendment was created with a purpose there became a problem with people and drinking and crime became a problem
  11. Was ratified in 1933
    amendment 18
  12. who ran against herbert hoover at the 1932 re-election?
  13. part of his ticket was to do away with the 18th amendment
  14. La was the last state to raise the drinking age and if states did so they would give them more money for their hwys
  15. True or falso?
    The state has the ability to make laws regarding liquor.
    • false
    • the state does
  16. The govt. still controlls illegal booze.
    it must be ratified in 7 years
  17. until now the constitution did not have term limits on anything
    22nd amendment
  18. With this amendment when washington dies Hary Truman becomes P. he is also re-elected again and congress moved for the term limit because they were afraid that america would fall into dictatorship. Cpncerned that a person elected4 timed might become a dictator
    22nd amend.
  19. True or false?
    If a president dies and the VP becomes P then he can still run twice?
  20. Truman didnt have to follow the ____ amendment because he was grandfathered in..... year exp.date
    22nd amend
  21. is the number of senators added to the number of reps.
    Electoral College
  22. in 1789 until the radification in 1961 no one in DC was able to vote for the president of the US.
  23. gives DC people the right to vote
    23rd amend.
  24. True of false?
    The 23rd amendment makes DC a state
    • FALSE!
    • they are treated like a state but not one... Now they are allowed to vote like they were a state
  25. taxes that were paid every year
    Poll taxes
  26. beacuse of this most black americans did not have the money to pay the poll tax so they couldnt vote.... and poor white men...soon they realized that they would have more than 95% were disfranchised/
  27. True or false?
    Poll tax was legal
  28. The state could not impose any other tax for voting only the congress has the power to inforce this
    24th amend,
  29. Ratified in 1964
    Amend 24
  30. True or false?
    In case of removal of the president the Vp will step in his place if the P is found guilty
  31. When the VP chair is empty he can choose anyone to fill the spot?
    FALSE It would be someone with simple majority
  32. If the president cannot do his job he sends a letter to who telling them he cant do his job?
    The senator and the speaker of the house
  33. VP and a majority cabnient members send a letter stating the P cannot do his job the VP steps in immediately.
  34. True or false?
    When the Vp becomes P the P must step aside whether he wants to or not
  35. P can write a letter to the VP in defiending himself
  36. True or false?
    The VP has all the time he needs to reply to the P's letters.
    • FALSE
    • He has 4 days to reply and if not replied the P steps back in office
  37. If the congress are on vacation you have how many hours to get back into session?
    48 hours
  38. Once congress begins to debate this issur they have 21 days to make a decision....how many votes?
    it must take a 2/3rds vote
  39. the amendment that allowed that anyone can vote when 18 and no state can change the age
    26th amendment
  40. first it was the white males then, 14/15 black men, and then adult men and women
    amend 26
  41. ratified in 1971
    amend 26
  42. Did not define adult
    congress has the power to enfore this
    amend 26
  43. In some states women were alowed to vote at any time and some none of the time
    19th amend ment
  44. Women's rights?
  45. Terms of office?
    20 amend
  46. renual of prohibition?
    21 amend
  47. term limits
    22 amend
  48. appointment of electors?
    23 amend
  49. Abolishment of poll tax?
    24th amend
  50. Succesion to office?
    25th Amendment
  51. Voting age?
    26th amendment
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