LING 102 Part 2

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  1. Speech Community
    Describes a group of people who speak the same dialect. affected by factors such as geographic area, economic class, age, or gender.
  2. Style Shifting
    One speech style to another. Occurs different degrees of speech such as formal vs. informal, casual vs. careful
  3. Dialect continuum
    group of mutually intelligible varieties congregated in adjacent geographic areas
  4. Isogloss
    Geographic boundary marking where a certain linguistic feature is found.
  5. Mutually Intelligible
    speakers of different but related languages, can understand each other with out study extraordinary effort.
  6. Overt Prestige
    Officially recognized register. Speech often spoken by people of a higher socioeconomic class
  7. Covert Prestige
    Locally recognized register. Non standard variety spoken in a certain speech community
  8. Who speaks the standard dialect?
    No such thing, because the standard dialect depends on your environment.
  9. The social stigma towards non-standard dialact
    That it is a broken language.... it lowers the standard of english
  10. What are the 4 factors that cause language variation?
    • Socioeconomic class
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
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