HI-121 Identifications

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  1. Chinggis Khan
    • (1167-1227)
    • A counqueror who laid the foundation of a vast a mighty empire
    • United the Mongols
    • Established a Mongol supremacy in central asia
    • Extended Mongol control to Northern China in the east and Persia in the west
  2. Mali king, Sundiata
    • (reigned 1230-1255)
    • Built the Mali Empire, first half of 13th cent. after his return from exile
    • By 1235, consolidated his hold on the Mali Empire, included Ghana as well as neighboring kingdoms in the regions surrounding the Senegal and Niger rivers
  3. Tamerlane
    • (1336-1405)
    • Self-made Turkish conqueror
    • Named "Timur the lame" because he walked with a limp
    • Like Chinggis Khan he was a charasmatic leader and courageous warrior, and attracted a band of loyal followers
    • He had extended his authority throughout the kharate of Chaghatai and build a magnificent imperial capital in Samarkland
    • Prepared to invade China but fell ill and died
  4. Mansa Musa
    • (reigned 1312-1337)
    • Sundiata's grand-nephew
    • Took his religion (Islam) seriously after his trip to Mecca
    • Built mosques, particularly in the trading cities frequently visited by Muslim merchants
    • Established religious schools to make Islam better known in Mali
  5. Pope Urban II
    • (1035-1099)
    • Launched the crusades in 1095
    • Warned church leaders that the Muslim Turks were threatening the eastern borders of Christiandom
  6. " Those who pray, those who fight, and those who work"
    • Refers to the three estates. The European society were places in different classes.
    • Those who pray were clergy of the Roman catholic chuch.
    • Those who fight are those who came from ranks of nobles and received an education.
    • Those who work refer to the peasants and the serfs
  7. Ali'i nui
    • The Hawaiian term for the classes of high chiefs
    • High cheirs frequently launched campaigns to bring additional islands under their control and create large centralized states
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