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  1. means living space, the building of a bigger Germany
  2. who would be put into work building the 3rd reich?
  3. what was created in March 1935? (2)
    Luftwaffe and start of the military draft, 5x army, which violated the treaty of versailles
  4. what is Luftwaffe?
  5. What is Rhineland?
    the DMZ between Germany and France
  6. What policy does Chamberlain begin against Hitler?
  7. if we let Hitlre do this, he won't go to war
  8. What pact do Germany and Japan both sign?
    Anti-Comintern Pact
  9. what was the Anti-Comintern Pact against?
  10. What does Hitler do in Prague in 1939?
    ives a triumphant speech
  11. who form the Rome-Berlin Axis?
    Mussolini and Hitler
  12. What does germany do on March 1936?
    station troops in Rhineland
  13. What did Hermany do in March 1938?
    Annexes Austria
  14. the german annexing of austria
  15. what does germany do in Sept 1938?
    occupies Sudetenland (Czechoslovakia)
  16. What does germany do in March 1939?
    take the rest of Czechoslovakia
  17. What does germany do on Sept 1, 1939?
    invades Poland
  18. Hitlr signs non-aggression pact with USSR in exchange for control of what?
    Eastern Poland
  19. Wher does Japan move into?
    allied controlled lands
  20. what does US slap on Japan?
    trade embargoes refusing to give Japan metal for weapons
  21. Who plans the Pearl Harbor attack?
  22. lightning war
  23. to attack and conquer quickly before the defending nation has time to regroup, used to confuse
  24. What do the Germans go around to get France?
    the Maginot Line
  25. "Cash and Carry", and what?
    "lend and lease"
  26. How is France divided?
    • Northern 2/3=Germans
    • Southern 1/3=Vichy Regime under Marshal Philippe Petan
  27. how long did Poland last against the blitzkreig
    4 weeks
  28. a wall built by France alnog the border of Germany
    Maginot Line
  29. What happened in the Battle fo Britain?
    GB attacks Berlin, German airforce bombs GB military and major cities, Hitler gives up
  30. this german seige lasted 900 days, over 1 million starved
  31. this German seige was when the Germans encircled and cut off, the biggest battle of the war, 6th army surrenders
  32. Stalingrad
  33. What are Germans not prepared for in USSR?
  34. the USSR used this, burning and retreating
    scorched-earth policy
  35. When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
    Dec 7, 1941
  36. what causes the US citizens to ecome united in their thinking about war>
    Pearl Harbor
  37. When theUS severely maims the Japanese Navy
    Battle for Midway
  38. the US only stoppen at Japanese islands of strategic value
    island hopping
  39. "I shall return"
    Mac Arthur
  40. the allies
    GB, USSR, US
  41. the 'desert fox', defeated the British at El Alamein, Egypt for the Suez Canal
    German General Erwin Rommel
  42. Who is captured by Italians, but escapes, European theater
  43. who continues to fight when the Italians surrender
  44. the biggest invasion ever, within 3 months, water to land, amphibious, 2 million men and 1/2 million vehicles on Normandy beach
    • D-Day
    • Operation Overlord
  45. when was D-Day?
    June 6, 1944
  46. Allies meet up with siviets in Germany where?
    Elbe Rive
  47. where do the sooviets enter in April 1945?
  48. where does Hitler commit suicide?
    in a bunker 55ft under the city
  49. who is killed by partisans?
  50. built by Robert Oppenheimer, code name=Manhattan Project
    atomic bomb
  51. dropped on Hiroshima
    Enola Gay
  52. where is the second atomic bomb dropped?
  53. how many died in Battle?
    17 million
  54. how many civilians died?
    20 million
  55. the Nazis were in desperate need of labor, so the used what?
    forced labor
  56. who did the Nazis routinely round up for forced labor?
    • young men and political opponents
    • later=citizens of occupied nations
  57. who were trying to escape forced labor
  58. Who did Hitler want to rid the world of?
    not ethnic Germans, including Jews and Slavs
  59. Aryan
    ethnic germans
  60. who developed the final solution?
  61. Einsatzgruppen
    death squads
  62. who carries out the final solution?
    SS and death squads
  63. composed of ordinary men who were told to kill Poles
    death squads
  64. Who did the Nazis use to organize Jews in each town?
    Jewish organizations and leaders
  65. small, blocked off areas where Jews were forced to live, severe shortages, deplorable conditions
  66. What did the ews try to do in secret?
    arry out normal life
  67. originally set up to house political prisoners and forced laborers
    concentration camps
  68. routine deaths, threat of selections, barracks, starvation, bad hygiene, forced labor
    concentration camps
  69. all are located in Poland
    death camps
  70. the largest death camp
  71. Who was the doctor for selection?
    Dr. Mengel
  72. what came out of the shower heads?
  73. where were bodies put?
    creamated in ovens
  74. how many Jews were killed?
    6 million
  75. how many gentiles were killed
    11 million
  76. name 5 of the gentile groups that were killed
    • gypsies
    • slavs
    • homosexuals
    • disabled
    • Russian POWs
  77. these people helped the Jews in many ways, many suffered the same fate as Jews if they were caught, some issued Visas for Jews
    Righteous Gentiles
  78. who saved almost all of their Jews by ferry to sweeden?
    the Dutch
  79. where do many Jews move to with the blessing of the British
  80. what do the Jews get after WWII?
  81. what happened to many children because of the war?
  82. what required more women to enter the workfoce?
    economic mobilization
  83. who soon became targets in total war?
  84. this country focused on military industy and not ood and housing
    Soviet Union
  85. who were forced to work in industry, mines, and RR?
    women and girls
  86. the only country to use women in Battle
  87. what did women serve as in the war?
    • snipers and on ircrews of bombers
    • air-raid wardens
  88. what did the US do to 100,000 Japanese Americans on the West Coast?
  89. who tripled armaments through total war mobilizaation?
  90. this government kept close control of everything
  91. traditional Japan women roles
    texrile and farming
  92. who were brought to work in Japanese factories?
    foreigners (Koreans/Chinese)
  93. what did the german Luftwaffe do to major cities every night for months, and where?
    • GB
    • blitzed
  94. What bombs did GB use against Germany?
    incendiary bombs
  95. many died here due to radiation poisoning
  96. the big 3 met to discuss the end of the war, they agree to a postwar partition of Germay
    Tehran Conference
  97. the big 3 met, stalin wants a buffer of communism, roosevelt wants self-determination, UN is established, free elections in Poland, germany must surrnder unconditionally
    Yalta conference
  98. truman demands free elections, stalin is worried and is looking for security
    Potsdam conference
  99. churchill declares that this had fallen over Europe, beginning the Cold War
    Iron Curtain
  100. tribunals which tried war leaders for committing agressive war and criimes against humanity
    War Crimes Trials
  101. what trials were for the Nazis?
    Nuremberg Trials
  102. Name two countries tha had War Crimes Trials
    Italy and Japan
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