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  1. What island was the video "First Contact" of?
    New Guinea
  2. In "First Contact", how many women said they had babies by the white men?
    2 (e.c. 3)
  3. The Kellogs cereal box was used by the natives to make a?
    Head dress!
  4. How many trust funds do we have in Hawai'i?
    • 5:
    • Kapiolani women's and children's health center trust fund
    • Queens Medical Center trust fund
    • Bishop Estate
    • Queen Liliuokalani children's center
    • Lunalilo trust fund
  5. Name the trust fund set up by our Ali'is.
    Kapiolani women's and children's?
  6. What is the translation of Ka Lahui Hawaii?
    The Hawaiian People
  7. What ali'i trust donates land to other trusts?
    Bishop Estate
  8. Where was the first location for Lunalilo Home?
    Roosevelt High School
  9. What was John Doe vs. Kamehameha about?
    Non-hawaiian wanted to enter the Kamehameha School..
  10. From what island was the first non-hawaiian student admitted to kamehameha school-kapalama?
  11. What is the bases of this class by your Kumu?
    Remember who you are and where you came from.
  12. The islands called the federated states are located in
  13. To bring fish into a bay, you need
    fresh water
  14. Fresh and salt water produces what?
    Limu (e.c. brackish water)
  15. What kind of water is on the leeward side of O'ahu?
    Artesian water
  16. In cultures in collision, leadership and social organizations in indigenous societies like economy tend to be?
    Communal and traditional
  17. What were the phases of the moon used for?
    Fishing, farming, celebration of life.
  18. Besides the US, who were the other colonizers?
    French and British
  19. When did the negotiation begin for the compact of free association with the US?
  20. What god did the hawaiians believe cpt. cook was?
  21. What island is the cpt. cook monument on?
    Hawai'i (Big Island)
  22. What island is your kumu from?
  23. The other canoe that sailed with Hokule'a was made for?
    Mau Pi'ailu (e.c. canoe was to be a school)
  24. What is the meaning of ABCFM?
    American Board of Commission for Foreign Mission
  25. Who was the first president of the Provisional Gov?
    Sanford Dole (e.c. cousin of James Dole)
  26. Another word for marketing is?
  27. Define Kuleana Act
    US responsibility of the hwn people
  28. What is the blunt report?
    False accusations against the kingdom
  29. What resolution was passed that lead to the annexation?
    Newland Resolution
  30. Where did King Kalakaua die?
    San Francisco
  31. Where was Queen Liliuokalani held prisoner?
    Iolani Palace (e.c. 8 months)
  32. What is Blunt's full name?
    James H. Blunt
  33. How many diseases came with the foreigners?

    • Leprosy
    • Syphillis
    • Measles
    • Plague
    • TB
    • Small Pox
    • Gonorrhea
  34. What trade replaces Sandalwood trade?
  35. Result of the reciprocity treaty?
    Planters gave up Pearl Harbor
  36. Who was the blunt report for?
    President Cleveland
  37. Which present okayed the annexation of hawaii?
    President Mckinley
  38. When did sugar planters start taking water from the waiole ditch?
  39. What contract did hawaiians have before written language?
  40. Who led the overthrow of Queen Liliuokalani?
    17 men, loren thurston was the leader
  41. When did sugar planters petition for a reciprocity treaty?
  42. In the synopsis of traditional hwn culture from 1778 - 1823, a span of 45 years, what was the percentage of the population decline?
  43. How long did sugar dominate in HI?
    160 years
  44. What war made hawaiis sugar lucrative to american planters?
    Civil war
  45. Robert Wilcox's rebellion was to restore
    1864 or bayonette const.
  46. blunt report is housed in
    library of congress
  47. bayonet constitution forced kalakaua to lose his
    exec power
  48. How many signatures?
  49. One of three charges against queen liliuokalani for treason was
    proposed new const.

    • Knew about rebellion
    • arms in palace
  50. What year were hawaiian language schools outlawed?
  51. Hui Aloha Aina was formed to support the queen and
    prevent annexation
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