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  1. Physical changes: senses (hearing)
    gradual changes may begin in this age range
  2. Physical changes: senses (vision)
    decline in vision actively (lens changes shape and elasticity), Presbyopia (loss of near vision)
  3. Sexuality: Climacteric
    Physical and emotional affects that accompany hormonal changes
  4. Sexuality: Climacteric (for females)
    Menapause (decrease in production of estrogen, progesterone): Hormone replacement therapy controversy
  5. Sexuality: Climacteric (for males)
    decrease in testosterone production, prostate gland enlargement
  6. Osteoporosis
    Bones become thin, brittle, fragile
  7. Type A behavior pattern: characteristics
    impatient, aggressive, hostile, persistant, goal-oriented, competitive
  8. Relationship between type A and health
    type A is related to heart disease, greater longevity, specified characteristics of type a related to heart disease (hostility, agression)
  9. Big 5 Personality trait theory
    openness to experience, conscientiousness (goal-oriented, persistant), Extroversion (more outgoing, social), agreeableness, Neuroticism (emotional instability)
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