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  1. How many water extinguishers are on the A/C? And where are they located?
    • one
    • 717 - FWD OHB A/C L
    • 737 - FWD Closet
  2. How many HAL's are onboard the A/C? And where are they located?
    • 3
    • 1 in the F/D 2 in the Cabin
    • 717 - F/D, FWD OHB A/C L & AFT OHB A/C L
    • 737 - F/D, FWD Closet & AFT Centerline Closet
  3. What 3 elements are common to a fire?
    • Oxygen
    • Fuel
    • Heat
  4. What are the fire Classifications?
    • A - Combustables
    • B - Flamable Liquids
    • C - Electrical
  5. What kind of extinguisher will you use on a seat cushion fire?
    • Water
    • or HAL followed by a wetting agent
  6. What other items are onboard to help fight a fire?
    water, soda, juice, coffee, ice
  7. What is the preflight of the HAL?
    • Proper location
    • Securely bracketed
    • Verify the the pressure guage is in the green
    • Verify that the red full indicator disk is installed and intact
  8. What is the preflight for the Water extinguisher?
    • Proper Location
    • Securely Bracket
    • Verify that the wire seal is intact
    • Verify that the CO2 Cartridge is installed by looking through the whole in the handle
  9. What is the range and duration of the HAL?
    • 8 to 10 feet
    • 8 seconds
  10. What is the range and duration of the H2O?
    • 20 feet
    • 20 seconds
  11. On what class of fire would you use a HAL?
    A, B or C - but on A you must follow up with a wetting agent
  12. What is the preflight for the PBE?
    • Proper Location
    • Securely Bracketed
    • Verify that the foil tamper seals are intact
    • If both seals are broken, then check the humidity control indicator for a blue dot
    • Pink = BAD Call CAPT
  13. What is the PBE used for?
    To protect you from smoke and toxic fumes
  14. What is the duration of the PBE?
    15 minutes
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