In the time of Butterflies

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  1. The interviewer who visits Dede at the beginning of the novel is a fictionalized version of Julia Alvarez
  2. Trujillo paid for a new science laboratory at the boarding school after he seduced Lina Lovaton
  3. Maria Teresa was twenty years old when she started keeping a diary
  4. While papa was imprisoned after the Discovery Day dance, he suffered a heart attack,
  5. Patria named her third child after the Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro.,
  6. The day of the failed attempt to oust Trujillo was the 14th of May,
  7. Patria explained that the reason she started praying to the picture of Trujillo hanging in her house (after her sisters were arrested) was not because he was worthy, but because prayers was the only way she knew how to ask for what she wanted,
  8. While Maria Teresa is in prison, she and her cellmate Magdalena spend time talking about their daughters.,
  9. No one ever admitted to killing the Mirabal sisters.,
  10. After her sisters’ dies, many people that Dede didn't even know came to tell her stories of her sisters' last day.
  11. As an adult, how does Dede make a living?
    She sells life insurance
  12. Which of the following people did Minerva NOT meet at boarding school?
  13. According to Sinita, what is "the secret of Trujillo"?
    He has all his political opponents killed
  14. When did Patria meet Pedrito for the first time?
    During the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday
  15. When does Patria first begin to struggle with her faith?
    After she loses her third baby
  16. All of the following are true about Virgilio (Lio) Morales except
    He was murdered for speaking out against Trujillo's regime
  17. Of all the Mirabal husbands, which was least supportive of the Butterflies?
  18. How did Minerva first recognize her sisters from her father's "second" family?
    Their eyes
  19. Manuel de Moya was Trujillo's Secretary of State, but everyone knew his real job was to:
    Find young women for Trujillo to "try out"
  20. When Minerva left her purse at the Discovery Day dance, what was in the purse that got the family in trouble?
    Lio's letters to Minerva that her father had kept hidden from her
  21. What was ironic about Minerva's graduation from law school?
    -Trujillo refused to grant her license to practice law
  22. When did Maria Teresa meet Leando for the first time:
    While he was delivering supplies to her sisters house
  23. What was the rebels’ code word for Trujillo:
  24. Which sisters house became the headquarters for the revolutionary movement:
  25. When Dede first decides to leave her husband, who does she turn to for advice:
    Her Priest
  26. Which of the Mirabal husbands was arrested first:
  27. Which of the Mirabal sisters was arrested first:
  28. Which of the Mirabal sisters was arrested second:
    Maria Teresa
  29. Besides being arrested and imprisoned, what else was taken away from Pedrito:
    His house and farm
  30. Trujillo’s men told Pedrito he could get his freedom back if he only promised to:
    Divorce his wife
  31. The head of the northern division of the SIM was:
  32. Who helped Patricia acquire medicine that she could smuggle into prison for her sisters:
  33. Which item did mama and Dede see hanging out the window of the girls’ cell in the La Victoria prison:
    A black towel
  34. When Minerva is offered the chance to be pardoned and released from prison, she refuses for all the following reasons except:
    She refused to leave prison while her husband and the other men were still imprisoned.
  35. Which Mirabal sister discovers that she’s pregnant (and loses her baby) while in prison:
    Maria Teresa
  36. Who was Rufino de la Cruz:
    The sister’s driver
  37. When Minerva is forced to move out of her house in Monte Christi so the SIM can take it over, who travels with her to help her pack up her belongings:
  38. By October 1960, Trujillo said his only two problems were:
    The Catholic Church and The Mirabal Sisters
  39. Who warned the sisters to “avoid the pass” on the day they were killed:
    The Salesclerk
  40. Which of the husbands died three years after his wife:
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