Faith final

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  1. Sacraments: intro to sacraments, symbol and ritual)
  2. A sign is
    something that represents one thing, not many different things.
  3. Rituals are
    not symbolic actions that are done for a specific, practical purpose
  4. All rituals serve as ways of
    communicating values, beliefs, concerns and ideals
  5. In Pre- Christian times Sacramentum was a pledge of money or property given as collateral for a lawsuit or contract
  6. Symbols are_____ realities which can be perceived with our senses
  7. The Sacred/ Holy (God) communicates through the
    people, places, events and experiences that shape our lives
  8. The word Sacrament comes from the Latin word ____ which means “to set apart as sacred/ holy” (not to put into practice)
  9. It wasn’t until the 12th century that the definition of sacrament took on a restricted sense to mean the seven official rites in the Catholic Christian Church
  10. Another expression for symbols is :
    meaning pictures” (not verbal insights”)
  11. Symbols that are easily recognized and understood throughout the world by all people are referred to as _____
    universal symbols (not cultural symbols)
  12. Rituals can become routine for the people who practice them
  13. Rituals do not try and control God
  14. The universal understanding or application of sacrament is anything which represents a hidden reality which is sacred or mysterious
  15. Every world religion makes use of sacraments even though the word sacrament is not used to designate these actions/ events
  16. All aspects of creation point to or symbolize something beyond themselves that is mysterious, precious or sacred
  17. Green: symbolizes
    hope, life and growth
  18. Ashes:
    penance and the changing, non-permanence of earthy life
  19. Donkey:
    Symbol of docility; humbleness, and suffering
  20. Butterfly:
    resurrection, eternal life, metamorphosis-- new life breaking forth
  21. Dove:
    holy spirit, peace, purity, and the human soul.
  22. IHS:
    first three letters of the Greek for Jesus Christ
  23. Incense:
    fumes symbolize the ascent of prayer to God
  24. Blessed Palms:
    Jesus’ victory/ triumph and a way to honor royalty
  25. Red:
    passion for God and martyrdom. Presence of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost.
  26. INRI:
    Latin abbreviation for “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.”
  27. XP:
    first two letters of the Greek word (monogram) for Christ
  28. Violet/purple:
    symbolizes a time of expectation as well as purification or penance
  29. Holy Water:
    constant reminder of our baptism (belonging to Christ), symbolizes new life and rebirth
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