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  1. how would you describe asthma
    chronic obstructive-inflammatory disease of the airways
  2. asthma has no cure but can be
    • treated
    • managed
    • kept under control
  3. pathophysiology of asthma
    • bronchoconstriction
    • airways are hyperreactive to certain antigens (pollen, grass)
    • hypersecretions of mucus
  4. overtime, if asthma is not well kept under control, can cause
    remodeling of the airways
  5. how to diagnose asthma
    • medical hx
    • id the persons triggers
    • symptoms
    • idea of severity
    • physical exam-head to toe, lungs, resp sys, chest
  6. what other manifestation are common among asthmatics in particular their skin
    • eczema
    • dematitis
  7. to be diagnosed as an asthmatic, the pft must show a ___ after the bronchodilator
    12% increase
  8. what is status asthmaticus
    • asthma exacerbation that does not respond to typical interventions/tx.
    • typically intubated
  9. what is NAEPP
    • national
    • asthma
    • education
    • prevention
    • program
  10. does every pt that exp wheezing lung sounds all have asthma
  11. what are other things that causes wheezing
    • chf
    • virus
    • copd
    • large tonsil
    • foreign body aspiration
    • vocal cord dysfunction
    • bronchitis
  12. what is the NAEPP
    • organization that have developed guidelines to serve as a tool to people w/ asthma
    • to help w/ the diagnose and management
    • stared in 91
    • updated in 07'
  13. what are the goals asthma management
    • be symptom free
    • none during the day or night
    • not miss school/work
    • no hospitalization or ER visits
    • have the best lung function you could possible obtain
  14. NAEPP divides their guidlines for their tx/management of asthma into 4 categories
    • measures of assessment and monitoring
    • pharmacological therapy
    • control of their triggers
    • education- pt and fam
  15. 4 categories of asthma severity starting w/
    • intermittent impairment
    • mild impairment
    • moderate impairment
    • severse impairment
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