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  1. antithesis
    balanced contrasts
  2. parallelism
    repetition of similar grammatical structures
  3. sentimentalism
    an excessive to the emotions
  4. circumlocution
    an indirect or roundabout way of expressing or explaining something
  5. literal (interpretation)
    interpreting statements or words in a factual way using the actual meaning of the words
  6. figurative (interpretation)
    interpreting statements or words in a symbolic way, going beyond the actual facts
  7. caricature
    the deliberately distorted picturing of a person, literary style etc. by exaggerating features or mannerisms for comic or satiric effect
  8. satire
    ridicule with an intent to change or correct
  9. repetition (literary)
    the author's purposeful use of a phrase or word several times so that the reader will take note of it
  10. melodrama
    any scene in a play, movie, or book in which actions and emotions are so exaggerated that they become ridiculous and unbelievable
  11. microcosm
    small world
  12. mood
    the general atmosphere of feeling in a novel, chapter, or scene, set by the author's words
  13. hyperbole
    the deliberate use of exaggeration to make a point or create a character
  14. indirect dialogue
    a conversation in which no quotation marks appear and in which both speakers are referred to in the third person
  15. irony
    bitter twist of fate; an outcome opposite from what might be expected
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