Ohio Paralegal Certification Exam

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  1. Article I
  2. Article II
    Executive Powers invested in President
  3. Article III
    Supreme Court
  4. Article IV
    Full Faith & Credit
  5. Article V
    Requirements for Proposed Amendments
  6. Article VI
    Constitution Supreme Law of the Land
  7. Article VIII
    9 States rquired to accept constitution
  8. Bill of Rights
    1st 10 Amendments
  9. 1st Amendment
    Freedom of Speech & Religion
  10. 2nd Amendment
    Right to bear arms
  11. 3rd Amendment
    No forced quartering of troops in private residences
  12. 4th Amendment
    No unreasonable search or seizures
  13. 5th Amendment
    No double jeporady; self incrimination; due process; taking of private land for public use
  14. 6th
    Speedy and impartial tral
  15. 7th Amendment
    Right tojury trial; res judicada
  16. 8th Amendment
    No excessive bail or fines
  17. 9th Amendment
    bars denial of enumerated rights
  18. 10th Amendment
    Powers not delegated to US are reserved to states
  19. Ohio Supreme Courts are structured how?
    Chief Justice & 6 justices
  20. Ohio Supreme Court is ___________ appellate jurisditcion
  21. What are instances that Ohio Supreme Court can hear an appeal
    • Cases originating in court of appeals
    • Death Penalty
    • Questions regarding US or OH Constitution
    • Public Interest
  22. What is the structure of the Ohio Court System, in order from highest to lowest
    • Ohio Supreme Court
    • Ohio Court of Appeals
    • Courts of Common Pleas/Court of Claims
    • Municipal Court
    • County Courts
    • Mayor's Courts
  23. The court has Jurisdiction over those persons who are subject to service of process is called ____________ jurisdiction
    Personal Jurisdiction
  24. Geographically convenient county
  25. What begins the litigation process
    and is goverened by Civ. R. 3(A)
    Complaint -
  26. ORCP 8(E)
    Ohio is a notice pleading state
  27. ORCP 9
    Pleading in special matters
  28. ORCP 4
    Service of Process
  29. In State methods of service as governed by ORCP 4
    • Certified Mail 4.1 A
    • Personal Service 4.1 B
    • Residential 4.1 C
    • Service by Publication
  30. ORCP 7
    Governs Pleadings and Motions
  31. ORCP 6
    Computation of Time
  32. ORCP 26
    General Scope of Discovery Process
  33. ORCP 26(C)
    Protective orders in discovery
  34. ORCP 26(B)
    • Permissible Discovery
    • 1. Any matter not privilidged
    • 2. Must be relevant to matter
  35. ORCP 26(E)
    Supplement to discovery
  36. ORCP 27
    Perpetutation of Testimony
  37. ORCP 28
    Persons who can take depositions
  38. ORCP 32
    Use of depositions
  39. ORCP 31
    Written depositions
  40. ORCP 35
    Physical and mental examination of person
  41. ORCP 34
    Producing documents electronically stored
  42. ORCP 33
    Interrogatories to Parties
  43. ORCP 37
    Failure to make discovery
  44. ORCP 26
    Request for Admissions
  45. ORCP 38
    Jury trial
  46. ORCP 39
    Trial by Court
  47. Dismissal of Actions ORCP ____
  48. Defenses and Objections - when and how presented (Motion to dismiss; motion for judgment on the pleadings)
    ORCP ____
  49. Evid. R. 401
    Definition of Relevant evidence
  50. Evid. R. 402
    • Relevant - admissible
    • Irrelevant - inadmissible
  51. Evid. R 403
    Exclusion of relevant evidence on grounds of prejudice, confusion or undue delay
  52. Character evidence not admissible to prove conduct
    Evid. R. 404
  53. Evidence rule regarding methods of proving character
  54. Evidence Rule regarding habit; routine practice
  55. Compromise and Settlement Evidence Rule
  56. Evidence Rule regarding paymen tof medical and related expenses
  57. Rule of Evidence regarding impeachment
  58. Evid. R. regarding subsequent remedial measures
  59. Evidence Rule regarding inadmissibility of pleas
  60. General Provisions of Ohio Rules of Evidence
    100 Series
  61. Relevancy and its limits
    Series _____ of Rules of Evidence
  62. Series _____ governs Witness; cometency lack of personal knowledge; oat or affirmation
    • 600
    • 601, 602, 603 respectively
  63. Evid Rule 411
    Liability Insurance
  64. Summation; Concordance, etc. are types of ____________ computer systems
    document management
  65. Describe the Federal Court System
    • US Supreme Court
    • US Court of Appeals (6th Circuit)
    • US District Courts
  66. ORCP Governing Probate
  67. Rule of Evidence regarding testimony by experts
  68. Rule of Evidence regarding heresay
  69. Rule of Evidence regarding Self Authentication
  70. Series of Rules of Evidence dealing with Hearsay
  71. Series of Rules of Evidence regarding Authentication
  72. Rules of Evidence Governing Witness
    600 Series
  73. Rule of Evidence regaring lack of personal knowledge
  74. What is the time period for filing a will contest suit
    Three months from filing the certificate of service of notice of probate of will
  75. What is the time line for "noticing" heirs at law"
    2 weeks after probate of will
  76. ORC 2107.19 Governs ______ in Probate law
    Noice, waivers
  77. ORC 2117.06 Governs _________
    Creditors/Claims in an estate
  78. What is the time period for which a claim must be prestened to an estate
    6 months from date of death
  79. What is the timline in which an inventory and appraisal need to be filed
    90 days from date of appointment of fiduciary
  80. Testate
    Person who dies leaving a will
  81. Intestate
    Not leaving a will
  82. Who can administer an estate is there is no will?
    Resident spouse; resident next of kin
  83. What is the monetary limit for Release from Administration
  84. ORC 2113.05 governs ___________
    Rights to Administer an estate
  85. For a will to be valid in Ohio -
    • Must be 18 or older
    • Sound mind
    • Must be in writing
    • signed at the end by party making
    • In presence of two witnesses
  86. When are the Estate Taxes Due
    9 months from date of death
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